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I, Robot 2004

In 2035 a technophobic cop investigates a crime that may have been perpetrated by a robot, which leads to a larger threat to humanity...

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Guilty pleasure #17
I love this movie. If it's on tv, I will stop what I'm doing and sit and watch.

dude watching any movie 20th time in a week is a pain in the ass :)

So what, everyone has seen that man vs. robot flick or read a book with a similar story. Yet, this movie pulls it off. Will Smith playing a cop with an extreme hate for robots just because they act with no heart, just logic. Well eventually a robot named sonny comes along after being seen at the scene of a murder crime. We eventually come to relize this robot has a heart and a brain. Its not only logic it works on but emotion and feelings. Which watching this character develop to understand how humans are is interesting for any viewer. While most humans just understand all robots follow rules, the movie shows a robot/a.i. machine with too much knowledge will interprit the rules to better serve its use. Well, if you take a over pertective mother, give her an army, load her with continuous information, and never notice it. You'll get a similar out come of this movie. The story is easy to follow for people who don't understand complex story lines and the movie offers some funny Smith moments. But on the down side this movie does have a few scenes that you will look at and say haven't i seen this before. Well you probablly did in another movie, theres about 4 or 5 scenes which are real similar to other movies. But other than that its a simple movie thats enjoyable. Plus for a sci-fi its a great movie. It is the best sci-fi out since last year in 2003, mabye 2004 will offer some more competetive sci-fi movies for I, Robot to box with. thats about all I have to say.

*Quick thoughts*

Fairly preditcable, heavy on the cheesy action slo-mo and filled with ideas we have seen done better in many other films. Sure it is entertaining at times, but it keeps trying to dumb down the intelligence and thinking, so that the summer action crowd will still understand what is going on. This film is not a complete waste however, maybe I am bias, but A.I. stories have always appealed to me, even if this one is terribly cliche, I still had enough fun with it.

Overall Grade- 6.5 out of 10

*Ethical Issues... Something is rather unsettling about a film that teaches that irrational prejudice is not such a bad thing. Will Smith's character has very little reason to dislike Robots, but he geniunely distrusts them and is suspcious of them to the point of paranoia, and in the end his paranoia is justified. Not the sort of message I want to see in a film.
I, Greg

A fun fun movie. Fun and it actually makes you think. There were some parts that were over the top, but all in all, well cast and well done. Lots of twists too! Some of the twists were predictable though.

Oh yeah, one problem I had (not a biggie) is that the movie takes place in 2035. The world that was created felt more like 2135...hmmm.
I, Robot


*Has barely any relation to the short stories

Overall: Even though it has little relation to the short stories, I, Robot is still a fun time.
When Isaac Asimov first published the "suggestions"....I'm sorry....I mean "short stories" that constitute I, Robot, it was 1950. While in these ensuing 54 years we do not have anything even nearly like his vision of robots, we do have a movie making industry that is very good at ignoring the point of a good story.

The interesting thing about the Asimov Robot stories is the light they shed on human concepts of morality. The Three Laws of Robotics, with which you will become familiar if you see this movie, are designed to make these human creations behave in a way that we often cannot, or will not, ourselves. Asimov put his robot characters into situations in which they were driven insane trying to act according to these laws. Human characters (such as Dr. Susan Calvin, featured in the movie) are observers, as indeed we are as readers. We can't help but consider the compromises that we make in our own lives in order to cope with moral dilemmas.

In the movie version, we have Will Smith as a detective who has a serious mistrust of robots (which by the year 2035, we must believe, will be everywhere). His prejudice against robots is highlighted in a silly nod to "In the Heat of the Night". While questioning a Robot, he calls it a "canner" (akin to a racial epithet). The robot responds "They call me Sonny". Sidney Poitier himself coudn't have saved the moment.

Between hawking Converse All Stars, and self-driving Audis (by the year 2035 these will be affordable by police detectives), Smith investigates the murder of a scientist who works for the company that builds the robots. Yes, it seems a robot might have been the culprit. Ah, but what about those laws?

In the process the detective meets Dr. Calvin, (Bridget Moynahan), a "robot psychologist". One of the more interesting human characters in the Asimov stories, here she simply serves to look pretty next to Smith. Example: the ridiculously unnecessary scene of Dr. Calvin having a shower.

The remainder of the movie is a study in special effects-driven story telling. Sure, some of the Asimov themes are touched on, here and there. The main robot character, Sonny, contemplates the meaning of his existence, and philosophizes about purpose. This has been done better before, though, in the FAR superior movie, Blade Runner.

All this aside, this is not an awful movie, even though I'm pretty sure Asimov wouldn't have approved (he died in 1992). The producers duck that pretty neatly by stating, in the credits, that the film was "Suggested by the book I, Robot by Isaac Asimov". I guess the term "Loosely Based" would have been too much.

If you like special effects stories, you'll probably be reasonably entertained here. If you want the real thing, I suggest reading the book.
I like a movie with a plot that I don't figure out 10 minutes into the flick. For that reason alone I am thankful to " i robot" . The action was pretty good, and Will was true to form. Some of his jokes were on point , while a few fell flat on the floor. As for the nude scene, (yawn) I felt it was totally pointless. Best character was Sonny , he stole the show.
I saw I,Robot today, starring Will Smith. I was looking forward to this film because it looked like a fun little action film. To my suprise, it wasn't as fun as I would have hoped. I left the theater in dissapointment.

I,Robot's problems were simple. Slow pacing, horrible dialog, and lack of action sequences. There were a few good action sequences, but most of them were in quick, unexciting bursts which left me unsatisfied. Will Smith's role was good, but his dialog (and most from other characters) was just crap. The comedy lines were not funny, and much of the dialog was quite corny. This isn't Will Smith's fault though, cause he pulled them off well.

I,Robot's 2nd half was worth seeing this film. The first half of the movie was sort of a bore with bad, uninteresting dialog and unfunny funny moments. It's a shame I, Robot ended up this way, I had a lot of hopes for it.

In conclusion, I,Robot was worth the cash to see mainly for the 2nd half. If you can get past the first half okay, then you will be treated with some fun action sequences and a few cool moments. Overall, I,Robot was another 2004 dissapointment.

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