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I'll Be Home for Christmas 1998

A college student experiences difficulty in getting home for Christmas after being hazed by his friends. While struggling to get home in time for Christmas, he learns quite a bit about...

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In the end, I'll Be Home For Christmas is a wonderful little holiday film that's sweet, funny, entertaining, a little sentimental and relatively short. Sure it probably won't make the list of most people's all-time favorite holiday films but for the most part it's a family friendly holiday film that is well worth at least one viewing every holiday season! :fresh:
(* 1/2)
Jake (played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas) is a college student who tried to be smooth and slick. Just before the holiday break is approaching, the students have one thing left to face: finals. With that, Jake decides to help three students cheat on their final for a favor in return. Unfortunately for Jake, his luck runs low when his long time rival ( I guess you can call him the bully of the school. Isn't that so original?) catches him in his act, and makes it look like he, in fact, backstabs the students he's helping by not giving them the answers. With that, the three students take Jake, put him in a Santa Clause suit (with the beard and hat glued onto him), and throw him in the middle of the desert. What's sad about what I just said? It all actually is true. Now Jake faces a dilemma, because he was promised by his father that if he came home for Christmas in time for dinner, then he would get the car of his dreams. When he begins his cross-country odyssey, he also looks for his girlfriend (played by Jessica Biel), and while on this epic journey, he begins to discover the true meaning of Christmas. Now doesn't that just make you want to bundle up with that special someone, with a cup of egg nog, and watch this film? I think I would want to. However, though the film does have good intentions, and a nice message, you can't help but notice that the film can't answer its own voice. Jake realizes what the true meaning of Christmas is, but never lets us in on it. We know he's changed, but why? When a film tried to tell you the true meaning of something (in this case, Christmas), shouldn't they tell us, and not make us assume certain things. The message in the film is simply a mess. Jonathan Taylor Thomas does have his moments, but he suffers from "Clooney syndrome." Meaning everytime I see JTT in a movie, he always comes off as himself, and not his character (something that George Clooney suffers, hence the name). Jessica Biel isn't a bad actress, but she's no Jodie Foster. She's average if anything. "I'll Be Home For Christmas" is well intentioned, with some decent acting, and minor laughs. But the overall message is all over the place, and the characterization, and plot structure is rather weak. Maybe Jake should just take a holiday trip else where.

yay or nay? Marginal nay.


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