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Ok I hate Lohan as much as the next guy, but common this is not even near as bad as people say. I rather enjoyed it, and if you forget who you are watching you will also enjoy it. 6.5/10
This one should be skipped. The story line was confusing at times and Lohan's acting was bad in this.
Wow. I have not seen a really bad movie on the big screen in quite some time. We were able to get tickets to a special preview on Thursday and boy am I glad that I did not pay for this movie. The story could have been good if they didn't go for the whole, my limbs are falling off and I don't know why nor will I see a doctor about it. The strip club scenes were the real gruesome parts of the movie, not the actual hacking of the body parts.
Not all that bad i enjoyed it but also hated it i watched it but it is not as good as her other films at all you can see right through other charectors vapid acting skills it was an "okay" film
i loved it.
Y'know, there was a time when Lindsay Lohan could act.

That day is done, my friends.

I KNOW WHO KILLED ME is an atrocity of every imaginable kind. The story might have had potential, but it was terribly underdeveloped. The direction was...bizarre. I couldn't tell if the guy was trying to be David Fincher or Uwe Boll or Eli Roth or...gah. And the acting? You'd think that someone who's proven her chops before could make this movie at least semi-watchable - especially since she (sort of) plays two roles (like a Parent Trap from hell). Alas, no.

The basic outline: a good girl who plays piano and dreams of going to college and becoming a writer is abducted one night after her boyfriend's football game. There's a serial killer on the loose, so people add Aubrey to the list of potential victims...until she's found, alive but horribly mutilated, 18 days later.

When she wakes up to a crowd of people around her hospital bed, still tramatized from her recent and extreme physical injuries, the people who call themselves her parents are the first to be asked: "Who are you? I'm not Aubrey."

And so it goes. I won't spoil it (for the one or two of you who MIGHT put themselves through this ordeal on DVD - but, really, the trailers more or less spell out the "twist"), but suffice it to say that ever clever turn this film COULD have taken from that point is ignored. What's left is a bizarre, nonsensical mishmash of gore and torture, incomprehensible police tactics, and an ultimately ridiculous "climax".

The 11 people who walked out about an hour into it had the right idea. This goes on my list of "Worst Movies Of 2007", and possibly of all time. Poor LiLo. She coulda been a contender.
Now, I LOVE Lindsay Lohan, everything about her from the way she looks, to her abilities, to her lifestyle but she is on her way to destroying her career. She must have been on crack when reading this script (and we all know she does it based on recent stunts) because no one in their right mind could think this script will be a big box office winner, that and the fact that I was one of maybe 10 or less people in a usually packed theater. But I do give her credit for getting away from the cheezy Disney-ish movies and picking more mature and diverse roles.
This movie starts of nicely, basic Hollywood movie, with actors in their 20s playing teens at a high school. There is a pretty girl, Aubrey Flemming, who is not only smart and talented but also dating the star quarterback. And with all Hollywood movies there are of couse some cheezy, corny lines and gestures, such as a blue rose that later appears constantly in the movie but it later turns into a guessing game of what the hell the writers/ producers where thinking when creating this movie. After Aubrey does not show up to the movies with friends after the big game, everyone starts guessing the worse, because recently another girl from her town was found murdered, which then leads to ideas of serial killers. When a girl is found on the side of the street, everyone believes it is Aubrey but it is Dakota Moss, a daughter of a coke addict who makes her living as a "hostess at a gentlemen's club" as she calls it, which is also known as a stripper/whore. She takes over Aubrey's life until she can find out the truth. No one believes Dakota so she is on a mission to solve what happened to Aubrey. Now does fucking Aubrey's boyfriend count as finding out the truth? I dont know. But I do know for sure that Lohan is sure enough not a virgin, but did anyone expect otherwise? From there the audience is lead on a bunch of twists and turns that lead nowhere. It is like, only half of a story or incomplete because in the end, I am no wiser as to what happened then in the middle when I realized who the killer was. After a quick search on the Internet, Dakota realizes that she and Aubrey are identical twins, that were seperated at birth, now doesnt this start to sound a bit like "The Parent Trap" already. Lohan already proved she can play two roles at once, does she need to prove it again? Not only are they identical but there is a stigma relationship between the two of them. What that means, I dont know but apparently, one twin feels what is happening to other twin (i.e. one twin gets her arm and leg chopped off, so does the other one). Now where the writers just lazy when they thought of that because Im sure as a kid, one or the other must have gotten a cut or two and what the other just never felt it? It just leaves too many questions that go unexplainable. One thing that I thought all horror movies had was a conclusion, or at least some sort of explaination but this movie fails to do so. I am still unsure of why the killer, who was so obvious from the beginning, would do such a thing or why certain themes kept popping up every so often.
Lohan does an amazing job at playing both Aubrey and Dakota, she is able to distinguish the two personalities and makes Dakota into an amazing, well rounded character.
Overall, this movie was not quite what I had hoped for it to be but it could have been a lot worse.
I know who killed her too


and her career too
I Know Who Killed Me Review

Rating: 1.0/10
Rated: R
Starring: Lindsay Lohan, Julia Ormond, and Neil McDonough
Genre: Horror/Thriller
My Grade: F

I Know Who Killed Me
RT Rating: 08%


Movie Synopsis: Lohan plays Aubrey, the young daughter of affluent parents who is abducted and mutilated by a sadistic serial killer. She manages to escape, sans a hand and a leg and lots of blood. The girl who regains consciousness in the hospital claims to be not Aubrey but Dakota -identical to Aubrey, but with a much different demeanor. Dakota struggles to convince anyone that she is not Aubrey and finds herself in a desperate race to save Aubrey's life and her own against overwhelming odds.

My Thoughts: It was about time I could hate on something this year, I havent been able to really rip a movie a new arse since Happily N'Ever After, yes that was a film and it did come out, unfortunately.. But thankfully LiLo choose this, just for me. I was intrested in this, I won't lie. I enjoy Lohan, she a trainwreck we all love to watch even though there is a war going on, she makes the media spin like crazy. I Know Who Killed me is now officially the worst film to come out this year. It was, so.. like Shawn said.. purposterous and just ridiculous that you arent able to get into it, at all. It's so weird, so gronoish wannabe, that I was just baffled. First off, its not scary.. its retarded.

It tries to be a Hostel or Saw but its not fit for that.. the grusome horror its disgusting and dsturbing and it even had me looking away. Her whole alter ego thing was over my head, and what stripper wears clothes? I'm sorry..if your going to sign up for a stripper role, go full force, be an "actor"..come on LiLo. Then there's this sex scene that is not fit for this movie, this girl is in her 20's having this sex like a pro, it was very awkward..and the scene is incredibly awkward with the moaning so loud the mom can hear it downstairs.. Ya, dont even get me started on that. Then..I dont even want to go on because I'll spoil for everyone i know who is dieing to see this. It was, its retarded flat out..made no sense, was disturbing, awkward, funny at times and just such a mess of a film.. Please dont kill yourself and watch this trainwreck.
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