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I Am a Sex Addict 2005

Autobiographical comedy about a recovering sex addict, about his obsession with prostitutes, and how that affected his relationships and his life altogether...

Release Date:
October 14, 2005
98 min
Caveh Zahedi
Jonathan Mitchell, Michael Fox, Jing Zhang, ...
Comedy, Romance, Biography ...
English, French, German

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Imdb rating: 6.1



i thought the film was gimmicky when i first started watching it, but it grew on me. by the end, i was impressed and satisfied. reminds me a lot of some of woody allen's work. it is a light-hearted look at what can be a very serious disease. it has some laugh-out-loud moments with a touching closing segment. it could have used one more blowjob scene though, there were only about fifty of them :)

I am a sex addict is not another stupid comedy as one might suppose while looking at the tittle. It makes an attempt to be a smart film on very important subject, that is sex addiction. The movie succeeds in this respect and even at some points resembles more drama than comedy. Although I approve of extremely personal films with wise message and dealing with difficult, taboo subjects, I regrettably cannot write that I am a sex addict is a good or bad film. In fact, it's a mixed bag and wasted potential for me. Caveh Zahedi tells the story about himself without embelishment and sentimentalism, which requires a great bravery and distance. Nonetheless, the picture is very uneven. It starts very well, but then it 's worse and worse. The flick becomes wordy and lengthy. What is the biggest vice is a first-person narration which is repetitive and to a large degree irrelevant. Zahedi also appears too frequently (he's present in every scene). The superior moments are when Zahedi plays with form in order to entertain viewers. The ending is satisfactory, but it's too late to save this average movie.

Although a dark comedy with a serious lean toward sexual narcissism, this film's quirks will appeal to those who don't mind exploring those dark corners of one's desires and laughing at their own inadequacies.

Caveh Zahedi is the screenwriter, director, star, and historian regarding his personal battles with sex addiction.

The most entertaining aspects of the film are that it is shot rather unconventionally. Although the film starts with Zahedi talking to the camera, waiting to be married for the third time, the scenes zip back and forth between Zahedi the narrator, Zahedi the actor, and Zahedi the narrator during acting (he'll occasionally stare at the camera and make a rather pithy comment while acting within the framework of the film). Part documentary, part fictional take on his experiences, the film delves deep into sexual promiscuity. Bit by bit we get to watch Zahedi fall into a pit of self-gratification with little or no concern for his girlfriends or wives. That he tries to be "honest" and "open" only shows his continued deep slide into the addictive process. When the women in his life fight with him, he's at a loss to understand why ("But you said I could have sex with a prostitute!")

The comedy is all based around Zahedi's lack of self-control and his relationships based solely on sexual need. Watching him receive oral sex - his facial expressions and loss of auditory control - are absolutely hilarious; not to mention his fifteen second rise to orgasm.

The film is edited extremely well, mostly taking place in San Francisco, but also in Paris and a few other locations. The map animation sequences are very nicely done as are a few other animations related to travel and Zahedi's history.

The fact that I AM A SEX ADDICT won the Gotham Award in 2005 for Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You should be a useful gauge for those considering this movie as a rental or purchase.

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The Good Shepherd
Directed by: Robert Deniro

This minor epic about the founding of the modern-day Mormon Church in Utah isn't a great film by any means, but it's solid enough. Good acting, if a bit stilted, as the style then usually was, great locations, and an interesting enough structure to hang the (marginally accurate) history on. It ignored the more controversial elements of the church, and Brigham Young himself (who had 52 wives), but it's still a decent film about an important event in American History.

5.5/10. It is certainly interesting and different, Filmmaker Caven Zahedi has a unique style and a simple one that works for the most part. Funny in a very dry sort of way, well written. It's very low budget, but that doesn't matter in this film. The main flaw is that it is repetitive and the story wears thin.

Interesting film that was also really funny.
I am a Sex Addict has a unique style and honest approach. It's "fun," in a weird way. Very watchable.
It is a mildly interesting story but it is repetitive, offers only one perspective and is told largely in bad dramatic recreations, the kind that are used in cheap documentaries. he goes to great lengths to explain that he is a sex addict something so easy to grasp that anyone who knew the title understood but he glossed over the process of recovery which to some people would be much more helpful to know and others would find it more interesting. The other side effect over not going into detail on the recovery process is that we have no evidence that he is recovered other than his word, it seems he believes he is he likely isn't lying but he could be wrong.
At first I didn't really enjoy this film. But I started to find myself very interested in this guys interesting, yet crazy life. Caveh Zahedi had a serious yet funny way to describe his sex addiction to prostitutes. At first you think that you do not want to know about this, but then you do. It is strange how sex and religion played a part in Zahedi's problem. This is a interesting film.
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