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How to Eat Fried Worms 2006

During the first day of his new school year, a fifth grade boy squares off against a bully and winds up accepting a dare that could change the balance of power within the class...

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I had to work my squirmy friend went and she had a good time
How to Eat Fried Worms

Initial Reaction: With a nice beefy mushroom/onion sauce?

Main Characters

Billy Forrester: He's the "new kid" played by Luke Benward.

Joe Guire: He's the bully played by Adam Hicks.

Erica: She's a girl played by Hallie Kate Eisenberg.

Plot Summary

Billy is going to a new town, and a new school, no matter how much he doesn't like it. The first day of school has him meeting up with the other main characters with opposite reactions. Erica likes Billy while Joe thinks he's stupid.

During lunch, the kids are shocked to see Billy having worms -- real worms -- for lunch. He offers one to Joe and ends up tossing a worm onto Joe's face.

Joe gets back at Billy by calling him Worm Boy; the other students back Joe up. On the way home from school, Joe follows Billy and teases him.

Billy's had enough; he just wants Joe off his back, so he makes a bet. Billy says he can eat ten worms in one day without throwing up. Joe agrees to the bet.

One problem is Billy's got a queasy stomach; he's liable to throw up at any point. But he has to overcome that, a nasty little brother and the other kids to win the bet.


Main Characters

These boys are great from Billy feeling out of place to Joe who commands respect from the other kids.

However, the girl, Erica, was bland. She's just there to be a cheerleader. 2, 4, 6, 8! Who eats the worms on a plate? SCORE: 7

Supporting Cast

This film has a good supporting cast with boys with strange quirks to a principal who runs his school, bit isn't a jerk. SCORE: 9.


In order to enjoy the film, you can't take it seriously. You have to toss out the Columbine visuals because none of the characters will get that nasty. Sure, Joe has his "Death Ring" but that's just superstitious nonsense.

Once you do that, then the film becomes a joy to watch -- it's been a while since I've seen this much fun in a film. SCORE: 9


There have been other films about kids fitting in with other schools (Hoot comes to mind). But few have the light-hearted look that this film has. SCORE: 8.

Violence Factor

Almost none; fighting is the last thing any of these kids would do (including Joe, the bully). SCORE: 9.

Other Moral Issues

This film is about standing up for yourself against others, but the film isn't there to teach morals; it's there to have fun. SCORE: 8

Final Score (out of 60): 50 % Score: 83.33%

It's not gross or scary or mean; it's just a film to take the kids to have fun with.
So I was just killing time before the Marky-Mark "football and feathered hair" epic, and ducked into this kids' movie...and got completely sucked in. A smart, funny, understated charmer, where the kids don't act like cynical midgets from "Pop Culture University", and a meditation on the eternal outcast: "the new kid".
The quest to make a kid vomit vomit has never been so much fun. It's chock full of moments of random charm, with a manic (yet subtle in the right way) quality that's impossible to resist, believe me, I tried. As for the moral dimension for fishermen and gourmets, I'm sure PETA is all over it.
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A vacant theatre said it all. (Surprisingly there were fewer crowds in a usually bustling AMC Metreon theatre in San Francisco. Where have all the people gone??). A kiddo movie but neverthless entertaining. Snakes, worms....the list is growing. Hopefully we don't have to see lizards, chameleons and other creepy reptiles..:rolleyes:
This movie was soooo funny!!!!!!! I was laughing my guts out!!!! Thou it was gross too!! I liked it!!! It was entresting for the parents and yet understandable for the kids!!! A SHOULD SEE!!! Though due to crude humer is not appropriate for under 6. Good for the family to go watch on a Sunday type of movie. :)
well the is a reasonably goodunderrated kiddie movie.the moviemakers were aware that adults were also watching the movie so it is good at pointing to an adult.after the movie,i went into little miss sunshine for about 20 minutes and i realived that i should have saw that.hilarious.
Disgusting and a waste of 105 minutes. And gas to get to the cinema.
:fresh: 10/10

Little Miss Sunshine is the best movie of 2006. A great dark comedy full with an ensemble of great performances.

:fresh: 8/10

Talladega Nights is a funny movie, but is confusing at some times like the beginning.

:fresh: 9/10

One of the most beautiful films of 2006. Great performances from Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti and Jessica Biel with a great twist ending.

:fresh: 6/10
Kids will love it and it has a good storyline, but the worm eating was gross.

:fresh: 9/10
A great horror comedy that is destined to be a cult hit.

A very unpleasant and unnecessary family film. Yuk! I simply did not like it or enjoy watching it. I really didn't see the point. Ok production, fine acting, but nothing else. I don't see any family mamber being able to like it.
This should have been a made-for-tv movie. There just isn't enough here to warrant a full movie.
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