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How to Deal 2003

A teenager (Moore), disillusioned by too many examples of love gone wrong, refuses to believe that true love exists. Then this new guy (Ford) comes along...

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This movie blows! "cross roads" was better.
Well, Lisanne is offically sick sick again. Her croup was so bad she missed church this morning. I've got her fed and resting. I'm forcing Gatorade at her and have the vaporizer going to help clear up her dry nose. Other than being a little tired, I'm not feeling bad yet.

Speaking of church this morning, we had this hispanic priest this morning conduct mass. Man his accent was so thick. I swear that several times I had to stifle a laugh because I though he said the Jesus was the "King of BEES" (peace). I covered it up by coughing, though. God heard, so I guess I'm going to hell. :p This Catholic stuff is so rough!

Much love to all yall.

We watched the Mandy Moore flick while eating brunch. Awful. Enough going on for eight sappy movies, but none of it really developed into a true story. Lisanne didn't even like it. I had high hopes since I liked Moore in that "Walk to Remember" movie. Well, lets hope she makes better decisions down the road.
Well today was very uninteresting. I did my first lab in chemistry 2 and managed to get acid on my fingers and I also almost burnt my hand with the bunsen burner. I don't have really good luck. I had quite alot of homework tonight and spent most of my night on my computer trying to figure out how to say "Elmer's Glue" in french. Sandi knows what I'm talking about. Well, I guess that is about all I have to say for today
HOW TO DEAL! TAHST WHAT ITS CALLED! lol big ups to mackenzie... lol omg that was pissin me off so much. well yah that was the horrible movie i was talking bout in one of my previeus entries. HORRIBLE MOVIE
This teen-drama starting Mandy Moore might have been a passable movie if the writer or director had only pulled back a little bit on how much they wanted to put into the film. This movie is jam-packed with mellow dramatic story lines including: a divorced mother struggling to deal with her new-found singledom, a sister marrying a rich husband, a girl who who finds out she's pregnant after her boyfriend dies. I could go on and on. The weird part of the movie is that the most interesting plot lines of the movie don't involve Moore, but rather her co-stars. She is left with the rather tired good girl/bad boy love story that seems rather half hearted at best.

None of the characters in the film get a chance to be explored with any depth, their stories just pop up and get settled in what seems like 5 minutes (which is short for even movie time).

Moore is good in the film and her performance begs the question: can't she find better material?
Alrighty I didn't watch any movies today so I'll tell about some I've already seen.

:fresh: How To Deal was a good movie. It's a little depressing in the middle but that's life for you. I think people expect too much from movies these days. This movie went for the teenage Mandy Moore fans and that's who identifies with this movie.

:rotten: I can't describe how much I hated this movie. I don't even remember what I thought was so horrible about it but I think I was expecting a little more comedy or action. Either one of those and it might have been better.

:fresh: Let me tell he was a hottie. There are no words to describe him. I love a man with an accent and he has one so there you go.

:fresh: The same that goes for this that went for How To Deal. This movie was better though because even my mother liked this. I think this is the new generation's Parent Trap or whatnot. You know those family movies you remember watching forever. Like I'll never forget watching Free Willy five times in a row.
I didn't even finish it, so I really dont have the right to rate it.

Mandy Moore is so pretty, but she knows it.

But she's still pretty.

Went to my friend's house. We watched "How to Deal," your typical Mandy Moore peice of fluff. It was based on a book I rather enjoyed though. Two books actually.
In the movie How to Deal, what are those chocolate, pear-shaped looking things that Mandy Moore and her mom bite of the tops and suck the juices out of?
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