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my must watch..... berry funny!!!
Pretty funny 7/10.
Check it out. The game of Hoyle Casino Empire was interesting enough to make me want it. I've searched for a way to play the full game until I'm able to get the complete boxed set. What a waste. I've never been able to find it, and the local store, which is a Wal-Mart , and they don't even sell the damn game.

"We don't sell items that have no demand." An Associate told me.

I just replied with another question, "And how the f!@# do you know that it's not in demand when you don't even sell it? No shit that items can't be in demand when you don't allow it to be." Oi...OI..OI...

So instead, I watched my How High DVD for like a gazillionth time...Damn, I love that movie. Bad-Ass. Did you notice ,during the all woman and one man scene, a Britney Spears look-a-like in the background? I did, that damn skank. Speaking of which, I'd rate her a two for a two-pont-system

1 point: Goody Goody Two Show
2 point: Nothin But A Fat A$$ Skank...

heh, and you though Watergate was scandelous....

This is one of my favorite comedies. If you want a good laugh, just watch this film. If you don't like this film, then stick with my other favorite comedies. The Friday Movies. Starring Ice Cube.

Don't miss the movie Backwater (2005). A Horror thriller starring Jonathan Jackson and Co-Starring Method Man. Directed by Jim Gillespie (I know what you did last summer). Coming to theaters Sometime in 2005.

I'll give How High a 9/10:fresh:

Silas (Method Man) and Jamal (Redman) each has someone on their back trying to get them to optimize their potential, go to college, and obtain a four-year degree. For Jamal, his mother is on his case due to the fact he has spent the last four years in a two-year community college. As for Silas, one of his closest friends believes he has the potential to become a scientist and open his own laboratory. When his friend dies in a tragic/ironic experience Silas is extremely disappointed and keeps his friends ashes, poring them on his favorite chronic plant, ivory. When Silas and Jamal meet at their SAT's, and they both smoke some chronic from the plant "ivory" his friend appears and gives them all the answers. Both score high on their SAT's and get their choice of colleges; of course, they choose the most prot
This movie has Lark Voorhies, therefore, it should be requested for your holiday stocking.

It had something different to offer, whatever it was.
I love this movie, mostly because of the humor, and all the pranks.
The movie is really hit and miss. There are some funny parts, but overall it's pretty bad.

How High (2001)

Typically stoner comedies aren't really my thing, but I caught part of this on TV a few months back and because it was heavily edited I decided to quit watching it. I recently watched this on DVD and I'll admit, for its genre, it's pretty funny. I definitely laughed quite a bit.
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