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House of Wax 2005

A group of unwitting teens are stranded near a strange wax museum and soon must fight to survive and keep from becoming the next exhibit...

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Imdb rating: 5.3

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A pretty good remake i'd say this film is rather forgettable but has it moments, it has few pretty good gruesome scenes to it tho noting really scary. If your a fan of B grade teen horror flicks or just into any kinda horror almost like myself and haven't checked this one out yet i'd say it's worth giving a chance. 6/10
I actually liked this movie. Not to mention I got to stare at Chad. But It was good in my opinion :) 7/10
:fresh::fresh: :up: :up: This movie is the best slasher flick I have ever seen. It does have many similiarities to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre : they killer has a deformed face, they villians are family, they are lured to the house, a pregancy scare between charactors. One thing it had that made it better than Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a Paris Hilton striptease. I don't get why basher all like " This is nothing like the original, no one was murdered he just stole bodies from the morgue." Well I don't know what Vincent Price movie they were watching because the people were murdered and bodies were stolen from the morgue.
I think it loks great!
We can't wait to see it. This might be a great remake!


A Paris Hilton strip tease and some impressive special effects are the selling points of "House of Wax," an in-name-only remake of the 1953 Andre De Toth horror classic that has lots and lots of chances to peak at the box-office next weekend.

Now, I'm not gonna go slow and I'm going to tell what I actually think of her. Yes, the one her. She tried to have a singing career but couldn't face the mean medias. And now, the acting. I was expecting a little more screentime from Miss Hilton, but she did okay in her few dialogue scenes. Somehow, she wasn't convincing in the least when it comes to her painful demise.

Now that the wiping is done... I can tell that the movie has a good premise. It's fun, it's deliciously gory but it's utterly predictable and some performances are extremely ridiculous... Paris Hilton isn't really credible. Chad Michael Murray is... well, Chad Michael Murray. Elisha Cuthbert and Jared Padalecki are good, Brian Van Holt is terrific. Acting level is average, but it fits for a teen slasher movie. Nobody's trying to get an Oscar, and the chemistry between the actors is believable, even when it's carried by bad dialogue that leads nowhere.

We're not in the safe little PG-13 horror dud either :some scenes have excessive gross-out violence and disturbing visuals. When Wade (Padalecki) is molded into a statue and his skin is peeled off with the wax as John Abrahams tries to take it off, it gets really intense. The bleeding super-glued lips are also tough to see. House Of Wax somehow scores with its intenseness : it pushes the limit of gratuitous violence, even for a slasher movie. Foreheads are impaled, throat are slits, fingers are cut off, you name it...

And, yeah, it IS dumb. But it's a horror movie. Fortunately, it doesn't take itself too seriously and despite the high gore level, the execution of the heavier scenes have no problem fitting with the movie's dynamics.

Bottom Line : Excessive but fun remake bearing little ressemblance to the 1953 version. For what it is, House Of Wax is a treat. For what it could be, well...

:fresh: :fresh: :fresh:
The Mississipi Paraffin Massacre
For the genre of: Psycho killers kills group of teens in a remote place, this is one of my top 5. The visuals are great, and it's very creative, even though I know it's a remake. If it wasn't a remake I would give it 10/10. The acting isn't terrible, and there are fewer clich
This Movie was so bad No deaths for like the first 1 hr ans 10 mins and then when the deaths come its just so cheesy. Elisha Cuthburt is very pretty but her looks could not save this movie...... chad micheal murray plays the ideal tough guy the hole movie. Do not see this MOVIE
Well, I watched this movie at a sneak preview at the University of Maryland on May 5, 2005, and I have to say, watching it with the students of the University was definitely the best movie-going experience ever. It made the movie that much better, not to say that the movie was bad. It was actually pretty good in my mind. I've seen many horror films, and most of them have disappointed. The Ring 2 definitely sucked. After extremely bad reviews for Hide and Seek, I did not manage to make it to the theater to watch it. Final Destination 2 was some complete idiocy. I am happy that finally, a good horror flick could actually make me jump around in my seat. I must admit, the first 45 minutes of the movie were dragging, but the last half of the movie was so very entertaining. The way characters died in the movie, I found, were creative, and the death of Paris Hilton just makes this movie worth seeing in the first place. Elisha Cuthbert did a good job acting in a new role, and Chad Michael Murray played a great supporting role alongside Elisha. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MOVIE.
:rotten: House of wax

This remake had more bad moments than good, and the only thing that was intresting about it was the death sequences that didn't happen until an hour and ten minutes into the movie. Paris Hilton's death was a great thing to see and the ending was a little different than usual, which i liked. Well i guess its back to the drawing board for Dark Castle Pictures, Maybe they can remake Friday the 13th with Nicole Richie.
Well tonight I went and saw House of Wax. I thought that it was dumb but yet it get a fresh ratting because of how different it was. Also it was a good horror flick compared to all the others that came out this year so far.
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