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@ignatious The Judge Judy line caught me off guard the first time. I loved these guys in "Shawn of the Dead", and in this movie they did not disappoint. Great flick.
"He's NOT Judge Judy and executioner!" OMG, for some reason, every film with Simon Pegg is brilliant! Slow start, had my doubts, but amazing movie. Lucy Punch is always hilarious too. Love her.
Exellent film. I love British comedys
Awesome flick!
@Nazdroth and I almost forgot, "Paul" Screenplay Nick Frost, Simon Pegg got to be my absolute favorite! lol
@Nazdroth Cheers m8! I was aware of Spaced which is very funny, but didn't know Big Train i will checked it out!
You should watch Spaced then!
And Big Train...
Spaced is written by Pegg and staring Pegg and Frost, Big Train is just all kind of awesome, with Eldon and Pegg and Heap among others.
Top notch! english humour at it's best!8/10
This is a very good movie. Many people are unaware that it is an installment in a trilogy. Known as 'Three Flavours Cornetto' trilogy, it consists of 'Shaun of the Dead', 'Hot Fuzz', and 'The World's End'.
Hahahh! Yep! really funny! So long! 2 hours... but sure a nice movie, great care of details and dozens of scenes really hilarious, i've loved the seamine 8P TY! o/
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