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Hostel: Part II 2007

Three American college students studying abroad are lured to a Slovakian hostel, and discover the grim reality behind it...

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This is the weakest of the Hostel trilogy and would have been better if, it weren't a rehash of the first only with the leads being female.
i hate those violent movies, it could be funny to make, but it's useless to watch, so ^predictable and horrible for nothing.

It's a great companion piece to Hostel. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD so I can have a Hostel Festival at home :cool:
Hostel 2 is a great edition to the 'Hostel' series. Eli Roth does an outstanding job delvering Part 2 of this intense thriller. Taking you back to some familiar places with a story built strong to a point where you feel bad for the outcome of the 3 women. While also putting into a play a whole new look at the story from the other side, the buyers. Hostel 2 delivers a better story, more shocking material, gore, acting that makes you feel for the characters and a new plot with a shocking twist.
The movie is a satisfactory sequel.

Not enough T&A... too many twigs and berries. Such don't bother me in a movie, but I would have liked to have had more pretty young things to balance the scales a bit.

The gore/violence/whatever is toned down from the first. I actually think this is a good thing. H2 does not try to top H in this respect. Sequels go bad when all the writers/et al can think about is topping themselves. That path leads to farce. This was a well done endeavor in that regard.

Plot... what movie were you looking to see?

Twists... I'd heard that the end of the movie was going to be a great surprise... if you haven't figured it out after the first or second time they hit you over the head with a 10T clue, then give it up now.
Eli Roth give me more!

The film ended before it should have, as it ran at just about an hour and half (like 28 Weeks Later, just what is going on with the 90 minute movie. What is this, the 90's?)

Anyway, the film did manage to keep its script fresh, even though the gore factor is toned down compared to the first film. A good example of this originality is the provided perspective of "The Clients". An entire film from their perspective would have probably won me over.

One real treat: Does anyone remember the film "Welcome to the Doll House"? Heather Matarazzo, the lead role in the film, makes an unforgettable appearance in this film. She should have led this film too!
not good as "Hostel part 1"....but when I watched "part 2", I really want to watch "part 3"

Grade: B-
Extremely entertaining addition to the Hostel series. Much more insight into the Elite Hunting organization. Several scenes will have even hardened horror fans squirming in their seats. I actually found myself sympathizing more with the victims in this one than in part one, maybe simply because they were women. At the same time though, I felt the intent of part II was to thrill, whereas with part 1 it was more to disturb. One surprise was the amount of humour present, even during some of the most horrific scenes. My only criticism is that their could have been a few more kill scenes and more gore (not that the level of gore was by any means low) It almost felt too short as well...other than that, great job Eli.
Hostel II is a great wicked litle horror movie with just the right mix of blood 'n' guts, and even a little sideways humor just to keep it off center. The Elite Hunting Club concept continues to entertain, along with the grungy eastern European damp-cold-stone-dungeon motif. I believe that Eli Roth successfully ramped this one up without resorting to the low brow stunts horror crapola like the Saw series.
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