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Hmmm. With all these good actors they could have made more.
It's clearly not a bad movie (look at all the good comments and the rating), but it had potential for more.
Maybe the second one?
Hilarious, going to go watch the second one now! v
Watched this movie over and over. Definitely one of my top movies. Love scene "Day 5" :D
fan-freaking-tastic!! this movie is so funny, and the cast is crazy-good!!
Haha,really liking this movie.And Colin Farrell did awesome in this role and,girls,you will never have seen him that pretty.Really worth the watch and maybe even a second time few years later.8.5
the second part is coming soon
Jennifer Aniston looks the hottest she ever has and the movie is also hilarious and features Charlie Day in my opinion the funniest one from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

What more do you need to hear? Watch it!
This movie was hilarious,I had such a good laugh.
Definately enjoyed it 8/10 :)
pretty good movie ive seen it a few times now well worth the watch jennifer aniston is a boss i wouldn't mind having tho 7.5/10 movie.
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