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Hook 1991

When Captain Hook kidnaps his children, an adult Peter Pan must return to Neverland and reclaim his youthful spirit in order to challenge his old enemy...

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brilliant movie, watched it when i was a child, find it hard to try watch robin williams movies now since he died
R.I.P. Robin Williams
This is one of my alltime favourite movies, I loved it when I was a kid and I still love it just as much, maybe even more. I can't remember how many times I watched it anymore. I love the story, the actors everything. This movie doesn't have to be perfect in the eyes of those stupid movie critics, it's about the story en the great feeling you get from it!
By far, this is one of my favorite films.
I have a question.

It could just be me, or just teenagers or everyone, but either way I'm curious to know whether other people stay up 'til unknown hours on their computers and then die from lack of sleep the next morning at school/college/uni/work etc?

Now its 0034 at the moment but last night when I turned off my light it was 0315 and I had work at 8am I have work tomorrow too, I think I'm insane.

If I'm not the only one please say so and I won't worry about my sanity, or lack there of, in this area anyway.

Good night xxx

Love Lady Mandara Snake
I love my job.

I had a great day at work. But before I tell you about it, I should fill you in a little more about the show we're doing. The plot follows three characters who accidentily travel back in time, visiting Shakesphere's home (where they help inspire the plot for A Midsummer Night's Dream), Renior's garden (where they see French culture at its finest), and finally to New York in the 60s (where they partake in a "be-in") before returning home. It's definitely a kids show, but it's not a bad show at that. One of the girls was gone today, so I got to step in and read her part. Her character plays Thisby during the scene and in a good mood, I figured I'd go all out and played the part with full conviction. After my "alack, alack, alack" and death, the kids gave me a standing ovation. For the rest of the day kids kept coming up to me and telling me I was great. I know they were pretty easy audience to please, but I really feel like they respect me now. Afterwards, every time I gave someone a suggestion, they would try really hard to do it and ask me for more help afterwards. It's really comfortable and I'm having so much fun with all of them. Instead of running away to escape them during break, they grab me and chat with me. Ahhh! I love all of them so much.

The show goes up next weekend, so we have tech all next week. This should be the tricky part as I don't really know what my official function is- whether I'll be in the booth calling cues, or out in the audience writing down notes to give the actors. Either way, it should be fun.

Went over to Laurent's this afternoon. We just sat and talked for a while then popped in "Hook." I love Robin Williams. After that I ran over to get Saints tickets for my family and then went down Summit Ave to the Mississippi River overlook. I pulled out my ipod and just looked out over the water and had some think-time.

Basically, I figuered out that I really do like Minnesota. Granted it gets far too cold in the winter sometimes, but it's a great place. Driving isn't bad at all (especially since everyone is "Minnesota nice"), there are two fabulous cities, you can drive 10 min and feel like you're in a totally different place, there are also so many theatres around here, and generally it just feels safe. It's funny that I went through my entire childhood saying that I hated Minnesota and didn't know why anyone would ever choose to live here, and now feel I could maybe end up raising a family of my own out here. Who knows where I'll end up though. So many variables...This internship has made me think about theatre more seriously too. At the same time that I can't imagine living an actor's lifestyle, I know that's what I love more than anything in the world. I'm still hoping I have another (better paying) love I haven't yet discovered. God knows where I'll be.

But enough boring reflection. Ended the night by watching "American Splendor," definetly not your average hollywood movie. I was in the perfect mood for the movie and enjoyed it a lot. Then Jon Llyons IMed me which was crazy seeing that I haven't talked or thought about him for years.

Ending the night with a spontaneous trip to Stillwater with Tim, possibly wearing a boy scout uniform, with chocolate milk in hand. Horray!!!
Great production values, but the story involves some schmaltzy moral values about parents spending more time with their kids. Blah

What an incredible cast, and one of the best director's of all time. Top notch technical staff. It's not bad, but with this talent it should have been great. Not sure what happened. It has it's good moments however and it has some great aspects in the technical areas. It certainly has imagination.
The first time I saw this movie, I got scared at the part where they pull out the "Boo Box". Needless to say, in successive viewings, I've come to appreciate what a delightful film this is. Robin Williams always manages to pull off a perfect comic act, and he does a wonderful job here. Dustin Hoffman... I never even recognized him... Of course, he doesn't look much like the Rainman here. ;)
This has to be one of my favourite movies due to its exciting story and its all star cast. The performances delivered by Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams are outstanding. This movie is entertaining for all ages.

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