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I've seen this movie before, but then it was called Step Up: Revolution

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Ok, since there is nothing else to talk about, then I will talk about this movie. Jessica Alba is the star and is not the cool kick butt superhuman woman we all saw in Dark Angel. She is a young lady who wants to dance for hip-hop movies and stuff, instead of doing ballet. The movie is basically about how she makes her claim to fame and eventually gets to the top of the ladder. It's a good motivational movie, but on the whole since I'm not a rap or hip-hop fan I found it lacking. I give it a 7 out of 10.
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Aye! I didn't post a journal entry yesterday because I don't think I was home at all...and when I was, I had a friend over and I wasn't about to ditch her! I went to Honey last night though. It wasn't too bad. Save The Last Dance was way better but this movie still made you want to dance and stuff. Good music! But there was these dumbass annoying group of kids that talked through the whole thing and they were talked to and they still didn't get kicked out. My friend and I wanted to shoot them all. *teehee*
Yes I seen it.

But I seen it for free.

So if you can see it for free, and want to have a good time looking at Jessica Alba's very hot body, and laughing at horrible dialogue and acting, watch it.

Damn Jessica Alba is hot, that said her new movie honey was watchable once through but only thus so. the plot is pretty much pointless just and excuse for alba to move her fine body. this movie also has one of my favorite lines ever said "sometimes you have to go through the back door to get through the front door" i laughed for several mins after that line was said.
I loved it. It had everything you need in a moive dancing, drugs and other stuff. It was about a girls who had a dream got the dream and then lost. When some tried to offer the job back she said no because she new.
With Marco and Michael in tow I checked out a Sunday night showing of Honey at the Mann Exchange 10 in Glendale, California. If you saw the trailer for this movie, then you already know enough to not have to see it. It's one of the most A-Typical stories in the universe:

Hard working, beautiful young person (Alba) with a great talent (dancing) but who grows up poor in an Urban Metropolis (New York), finally gets their big break. But Lo and Behold, just at the end of the 2nd Act everything falls apart and it seems as if the dream will never be realized. But fortunately, during the 3rd act the stick-to-it-ness and pure bravado of the beautiful young person prevails, and all is happy in the end.

The story is predictable, the dialogue is bland, and the acting is sub-par. If I was judging the movie on just these things, then it would probably get a 3 out of 10. So why did I give it a 7? Because of two main factors:

1) Dancing

Any movie where they showcase great physical talent and ability is a treat. Bring it On had amazing Cheerleading skills, Breakin' had amazing b-boy skills, and Honey had great dancing skills. Some of the dancing was amazing, and I have to say for someone who never studied dance before, Jessica Alba pulls it off amazingly well. I wouldn't have guessed that she had no background in dance the way she was moving.

The dancing made me want to move around, or at least made me wish my knees were good enough to go do some moonwalking. And this movie had a good amount of dancing too. It wasn't like Flashdance which only showed a few scenes with good dancing in it. This one was chock-full o' dancin'. I hate it when a movie is about some specific skill and they barely show it at all. I think that's one of my main gripes with Beat Street. Sure, the dancing in that is amazing, but you only have one or two good scenes with dancing.

2) Jessica Alba

She alone added another 3 points to my score. I think I heard a collective sigh from the other 5 people in the theater when she was smiling in the introductory scene at the bar. I mean .. just look at her ..

You can't tell me she isn't just rediculously, rediculously good looking. And yeah, I heard she is sorta snobby or something, but dang. If I looked like that, I would be too, y'know?

But her amazing looks aside, the movie really isn't all THAT bad. I've seen much worse, but then, I've seen WAY better too. It's her first starring role though so you can't blame the movie too much. (But then, Pirates of the Carribean was Orlando Bloom's first starring role and look at that movie.

Ah well ... I'll probably still get the Honey DVD.
Will I be ridiculed for liking this movie, probably. I thought this movie was good. Not the best movie, felt like I had seen it a couple of times before. But for those young people out there I think this is a good movie to go see. It has a great story line, portrays good morals. Over a good movie. I like Jessica Alba's acting too. The dancing wasn't bad at all either. So I thought this was a good movie.
Really lame story. The soundtrack is ok, the dance is cool. but if I wanted to watch a music video clip I'd tune in MTV, but I'd not go to the movies for it. But it wasn't really the worst, it could have been worse.
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