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Homefront 2013

A former DEA agent moves his family to a quiet town, where he soon tangles with a local meth druglord...

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Solar rating: 8.3


Imdb rating: 6.5

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Awesome movie, i like all of the statham films. This one is pretty exciting.
Was a good movie
Was a good movie i enjoyed it..this movie reminded me of the movie commando by arnold
Really enjoyed this one. But I've been drinking and Jason is a huge spunk in mine ;) lol
Great movie. It could get a sequel, but I like it just the way it is. 8.5/10
Sometimes you just need a Statham film. Even if it's the same story in a new wrapper it just hits the spot. 7/10.
I love most of Jason Statham's movies! This was another good one! He is a badass! Great cast!8/10
not bad. 7/10
Not too bad...had to expect the car chase at some point seeing that Statham guy (I think that's his name) is in it. I see a sequel in the future maybe? All in all, I rather enjoyed it. 8/10
Wonderful movie ... I enjoyed big time .. Heads up with you have kids around very very bad words .. I had to put the headset on i didn't want the baby's to hear that .. other then that dang good movie ..
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