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What fun! Honestly, I wasn't expecting much after my disappointment with White Christmas, but Holiday Inn is an exuberant celebration of song and dance, Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby, and Marjorie Reynolds. Plus, this film is the origin of both "White Christmas" and "Happy Holidays", two great classic Christmas songs. I would say this is the best Sandrich film I've seen.

I am not really into musicals, and I am not a fan of Bing Crosby, but what I really didn't like about this movie was the fact tat it seemed to encompass everything Christmas is against.

Of coruse, it's all happy and good at the end. But my's a movie about a bunch of incredibly selfish and manipulative pricks who whine and sob when things don't work out perfectly for them. So what do they do? Revenge is the answer! Oh...and don't forget sabotage, and manipulating the woman you are trying to get to love you.

I just didn't like this movie very much.

Props to the birth of the song "White Christmas".
'Holiday Inn' is not really a Christmas film, but it is a film about all holidays and the film that made 'White Christmas' a best-selling and popular song. This film is about a couple of dance/singing partners who fight over the girls in their lives. Bing Crosby's character decides to move out of New York City to a farm, and he turns this into an inn where they sing songs and dance on every holiday in the year, from Christmas to President's Day to Valentine's Day. It's a musical with plenty of song and dance with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, and it has a little bit of a love story in it too.

The highlight of this film is, of course, when Bing Crosby and the female lead sing 'White Christmas' in front of the piano and when the female lead then sings it herself at the end of the film, remembering these memories. This scene is done particularly well, but if you like musicals, then don't overlook this one. There is plenty of singing and dancing and a pretty good storyline to keep you interested. And, you must see the scenes where 'White Christmas' is sung.

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A lot of mix reviews for Scoop, but I think finally Woody Allen is back and a director to actually watch. It seems like he pulls out a film every six months and this past winter, Match Point came out and blew me away. Now, with a six month point, Scoop comes out with fellow Match Point star, Scarlett Johanson. Woody Allen himself, who usually feels out of place and annoying in his own movies, rather saves this one. Johanson and Allen prove to just have great chemistry, on and off screen as actor and director. They both obviously shine with one another. Scoop isn't anything to praise highly, but it's just really fun. Hugh Jackman is a perfect charmer rounding out the cast. I just really enjoyed myself in watching this film. Well worth your time if you're a fan of anyone involved in this. Great summer film.

Holiday Inn

Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Christmas, singing, doesn't get much better.
Holiday Inn (1942 dir. Mark Sandrich): 7/10

*1 Mark Sandrich Film Seen*
Corny, but a good piece of light entertainment.

Holiday Inn - Fun singing and dancing numbers throughout. It would have been great to see this back in the 40s when the Christmas songs used here were never heard before. Now they are just yearly staples for us. The plot kept me interested, and the movie as a whole is just likeable. It's not one of the best things you'll ever see, and doesn't ever reach perfection, but it certainly didn't come across as bad in any way.
One of the best holiday flicks. I watch it every year!
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