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Hitman 2007

A gun-for-hire known only as Agent 47 hired by a group known only as 'The Organization' is ensnared in a political conspiracy, which finds him pursued by both Interpol and the Russian military as he treks across Russia and Eastern Europe...

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Solar rating:8.2


Imdb rating:6.3

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Actually entertaining. It is what it is. Won't win any oscars hehe... Some scenes where ridicules (not in the good way), but I still liked the whole movie in it's whole. When it comes to this genre this one is pretty standard, but has a bit of it's own style. Based on a video game. And Olga Kurylenko is an insanely beautiful women. I give it 6.5/10
Have a nice day
great movie to watch! waiting for the second part will rock!
Great action flick. Acting, story and casting done right.
Not bad, just no depth even for an action flick. 6.2/10
the game was hard as fcuk...great flick
This is a great movie it just makes me sad they are making Agent 47 without Timothy Olyphant.
I didn't even know this existed! This was an awesome movie. Tons of action and it's just that "YES" type of movie.
I thought it was a really good action movie. Great script, great acting and really kept my interest.
This was an excellent action flick, and worthy of a couple of viewings. TO and Dougray Scott were both extremely well cast for their particular roles.
How did i never watched this a total action flick loved it
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