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Highlander 1986

An immortal Scottish swordsman must confront the last of his immortal opponent, a murderously brutal barbarian who lusts for the fabled "Prize...

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This movie is awesome! Nearly 3 decades later and virtually everyone knows exactly what 'There Can Be Only One!' is referencing... and it's a cult classic!

Those are just a few reasons why I can not believe no one has commented on this movie in 'over 10 years'!!!
fun swordplay; doesn't take itself too seriously

I'm updating this rating. Looking at other films I've rated, this can't really compare to other 8's, no matter how much I enjoy it.
Another one of those films you think is great at the time of their release but turn out to be not so good years later. It deserves a certain amount of kudos for its ingenious at the time ground-breaking MTV-like scene framing (director Russell Mulcahy started his career in music videos), but then again points have to be taken away for paving the way for vacuous no-brainers like Charlie's Angels. And as for Christopher Lambert, when as Russell Nash he is asked where he comes from as he replies 'lots of places' it doesn't explain why he had a French accent while he was supposed to be a highlander in the 1600s. Although the laissez faire approach to accents also stretches to Sean Connery (man of a thousand accents - all of them the same!) who as Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez gets around his non-Spanish accent by saying he was born in Egypt! You've got to admire their chutzpah, but it's a trifling point. The storyline's decent enough, the special effects not too ropey and of course there's always Christopher Lambert to look at even if he doesn't sound too convincing.
Got this on video from the man up the road. I'd gathered it was something of a cult, but it turned out be really rather inconsequential, coming over as a cross between The Matrix and Braveheart. OK I know they were both later movies but nevertheless . . . HT PS Nice to see some wrestling at the start with the Fabulous Freebirds tag team. Who was that they were fighting though? Answers on a postcard please.
Comments pending.
This is easily one of the most overrated movie's there is. The acting is awful. The story sucks. The relationship during the movie sucks. Because both people involved are awful actors. Although Christopher Lambert has done so many other great things. It's hard for me to pick out my favorite. Between him and Treat Williams, I just can't pick out my favorite actor! I don't know how anyone could like this or want to admit to it!
This starts off as a good seires of films but they didn't really leave an opening for more but they did it anyway. . . . . . . .?????? They should have made plans for a bigger story line like they did for the TV series.

Someday maybe we will clean the slate and start it over. Only this time leave it, ZEIST-FULLY CLEAN. and get a scottsman, to play a scottsman. If it's not scottish, it's crap.

We did get a great line to use when needed for an, MST3K moment, at the movies. "There can be only one"
This is a terrific movie when you're just a kid, and it's showing at 10 PM on the telly. It's grand when you're too tired to keep your eyes open when you're 10 years old, and your eyes shoot open every time a quickening (those lightning flashes) happens.

The first one is the best. Period. It began with Connor Macleod, and it ended with him when they started making sequels.

It could remind you of Braveheart - Scottish, swords, haggis, kilts. Except that this bloke, in contrary to William Wallace, can't die.

A curse? A blessing? We don't really know, do we?

This is perhaps (very likely, yo) Christopher Lambert's only good movie, apart from Greystoke. Sean Connery isn't really at his best, but who cares?

There is swordfighting, brilliant (but by now, overused) flasbacks. This movie breathes 1980's.

It works on your imagination, if you have one. If you can think (God, I hope you can), you'll find yourself wondering about what it is like to live for hundreds of years, knowing that probably death will await you.

So, the first one was good, the second one sucked, the third one was a rip-off from the first one, and the fourth one was really, really pushing it.

And no, no matter how hard you look, you can't look underneath their kilts. trust me, I've tried.
This is one of my all time favorite movies. The transitions are very creative and the story line is a lot of fun. Worth seeing over and over again. While the tag line of the movie is "There can be only one," it is unfortunate that the filmmakers did not take it to heart because the other movies were terrible (except for the most recent with Adrianne Paul - it was passable).
Highlander is a classic fantasy action movie. Deservedly this has become a cult classic, and very popular. How else can you explain a big box office flop spawning 3 more flop sequels? The first Highlander film should have been a film of its own. It ended nicely with no need to continue and everything nicely resolved but somehow somebody came up with the ludicrous idea for Highlander 2.

I prefer to ignore the sequels though and view the first as its own film, starting a story and ending it. What makes this film good is that it has such a great premise, immortals battling each other down the ages until one remains, gaining `the prize' which is a mortal life, and to be all knowing. The script is good, the characters likeable, and the film has some touching moments. Conner Macleod is a character with depth and the film gives a good example of the downsides to being immortal in a mortal world. Conner is a haunted character, haunted by memories of being an outsider, losing loved ones, and living lifetimes alone.

This film really also has another tragic feeling about it. The wasted talent of Russell Mulcahey. He is a great visualist and this film looks fantastic. The camerawork is imaginative with great crane shots and wire cam shots, and the scene transitions are fantastic. Mulcahey has not done anything above the average since. His films have looked great but the scripts have been sadly lacking. Highlanders script has a good story, with touching love stories in it and gives the director ample opportunity to show his stuff.

The cast are good. Christophe Lambert is good as Macleod. He does sport a rather dodgy Scottish accent but his performance really captures the tortured nature of the character. I feel sad this film is dismissed as dumb fun, simply because it is a fantasy film. This film has depth to it in other ways. It's philosophical and is a metaphor for what makes human life the way it is. It shows how unnatural it is for someone to live forever, whereas life is a cycle, your born, you die and this goes on and on, as people are dying, others are starting in life, we are linked together by offspring. Having children, being remembered is the key to real immortality. Conner Macleod can't have children and he can't be remembered, so much so he pines for a mortal life, knowing he'll die. As for the rest, well Sean Connery is superb as Ramirez. He swaggers in, in his fantastic costume and his presence is felt. Roxanne Hart is also good as Brenda. It is Clancy Brown who steals the show though as the bad guy Kurgan. He is very into his role and it shows. According to the Director and writer, he was a very scary person to be around while Highlander was filming.

As I said before the film looks great. The budget is not that high but is has a sense of high production values. The cinematography is fantastic, it really makes the film interesting on the eye. Also all the sets, locations, costumes, through the different time periods. The action is exciting and this has some great swordfights. Notably the opening parking lot swordfight and the final showdown.

The music of the film is also important. The score from Michael Kamen is good, and the recurring little theme in the film is memorable. The soundtrack however is pure excellence, and it helps to make the scene in some parts. Had this film got more notice and didn't flop, I believe Queen would have received an Oscar nomination for the soundtrack. I love the bar scene where Conner and Brenda meet, to the tune of `One Year of Love' by Queen, and the death of Macleod's first wife Heather to the classic tune of `Who Wants to Live Forever.' It's touching. Mulcahey's experience in music videos also helps. He gets the best out of the songs but also manages not to make them seem too music videoish.

I personally love the film. It has some depth. The flashbacks might break up the flow in some peoples opinions but what makes them very effective on the most part is how imaginatively and effortlessly the film slips between the present and past, the transitions, including through a fish tank and through one of Conner's eyes are fantastic.
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