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High School Musical 3: Senior Year 2008

As seniors in high school, Troy and Gabriella struggle with the idea of being separated from one another as college approaches. Along with the rest of the Wildcats, they stage a spring musical to address their experiences, hopes and fears about their future...

Release Date:
October 23, 2008, UTC
112 min
Kenny Ortega
Jason Williams, Corbin Bleu, Joey Miyashima, ...
Drama, Comedy, Musical, ...

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Imdb rating:4.3

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Believe it or not High School Musical 3 features some of its best performances yet. It reatly exceeds the limitations of the first two and all of the actors seem more assure of themselves in their roles.
High School musical 1, 2, and 3 are really suckish, because the teenagers are acting like a bunch of retards, weaklings, and stupid idiotic kids. Trust me don't see High School Musical 3, because it's really retarded. The director needs to make a bloody movie.
A fun movie that, in spite of its veneer coating of optimism, recognizes how difficult the last year in high school and the decisions and losses that go with it can be for young people. Sure, no life and death decisions here, but I recognized some of the heart wrenching pain, frustration, and fear from my youth in these characters. The singing and dancing is really good and there were some fun artistic choices made by the director that added another level of interest to the film. Well Done
I'd have to give this thing a 0 for originality. The plot sounds an awful lot like the first one where Troy has to decide if he wants to be at the game or his auditions for the play. Well, it's pretty much the same except with colleges. On the subject of Zac Efron, it's the crop of "beautiful" people that make this a hit, not the quality of the movies. Disney at a point now where they can throw anything out there, no matter how shitty it is and people will eat it up (just look at Camp Rock). Anyways, the plot is well.... too "Disney" and already been done by all the other hsm's. Sharpay's still a bitch, her brother ( Ryan? I don't really remember his name) still looks gay, Gabriella is still boring and Troy's still a complete douchebag. It certainly didn't win over any new fans outside of the original target audience which is basically 10 year old girls and the parents forced to watch it with them. I'll give them one thing though, the songs are infectious, however the praise stops there. It's basically same old same old for HSM, thank god this is the last one. If they bring out a university series, I'll put bullet in my head. BTW, No matter how much fun they're having, High school students are never this upbeat and chipper.
Disney is not taken seriously by anybody over 16. Fortunately I became a fan of the high school musical series at 15, this movie is the best movie of all three. It had comedy moments, dramatic moments and moments that you rolled your eyes at, oh and cheesy moments. The Movie was not bad it's probably the best Disney Channel Musical that there is it did make the big screen didn't it?
While this movie is perceived as kiddish, I beg to differ. What some people are sadly lacking is imagination and their inner kid. I look at this movie and tell myself "I am glad that there is a clean movie out." Because, to tell the truth many people get caught up in the raunchy dirty movies, and when they see a movie like HSM3, they are disappointed. So all I ask is that if you see this movie, be that kid at heart that you have pushed back for so long. This movie has very catchy songs, and is a lot better than the first two. Not as cheesey. :)
I just saw High School Musical 3 right after school today w/my friends. It was by far the best of all 3 movies. I loved the whole play scenario, fabulous. I only hate Vanessa Hudgens and her character of Gabriella so, that was pretty bad. Very cheesy. Not what real teenagers are like at all. You wish we were like that. Not even close. Although it would be cool if the whole school suddenly started breaking out into song. I give it a 75%. If they cut out Gabriella it would be 100%. My favorite song was the Boys are Back. Hilarious and cute. I seriously couldn't stop laughing when Rocket Man came out as the understudy for Troy though. Very excellente. Bravo! Brava!
HSM3 is FANTASTIC what are u lot talking about i woz practicly singing in the cinema best one yet
You don't need to see this movie to know it is pure garbage, you are better off to see a movie fit for the month of October like SAW V.

HSM3 should have been out in August or better yet, it shouldn't have been released at all.
I actually left after 40 minutes of the showing, there was no plot, the dancing were like robots dipped in water. It was like a way of suckering little kids out of thier money.
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