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High School Musical 2006

Troy and Gabriella - two teens who are worlds apart - meet at a karaoke contest and discover their mutual love for music...

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i really Like it to watch this movie! one of zac efrons first movies he did.. 7 out of 10.
I disagree that this film started the downfall of Disney, it is very entertaining to watch, has very good actors. In my opinion, Disney is failing now because they are focusing on crappy comedy which isn't even funny, but this isn't that, it is a classic high school love story.
More entertaining than I was expecting, Zac Efron does have an innocent charm in this one. Some decent songs, but it sure is corny. Light and enjoyable. he singing is poorly dubbed though.
High School Musical is the first real life Disney musical

High School Musical may be fictional, but it gives out a wrong example of how high school is really all about. High school isn't all cheerful and happy and where you get to sing and dance. High school is all hard work, very stressing, and you get to deal with teachers yelling at you, even for the stupidest things.

There we get Troy, a basketball team captain of the Wild Cats, Gabriella, a Mexican girl who just transferred, Chad, a guy that looks like Huey from Boondocks, Sharpay, the pretty girl that is a spoiled brat, Ryan, her brother that likes pink just like his sister, and Taylor, the girl that nobody cares about.

The dances are so gay. They dance like drunken hillbillies. A lot of the songs suck. The ones I hate the most is Fabulous and We're All In This Together.

Thats all
The plot is very Disney-ish living happily ever after after some high school, teenage drama. The choreography, music, and Zac Efron make up for the plot! The only reason for my lower rating is due to the producers wanted a higher voiced Troy and mixing Zac Efron and Drew Seeley's voices; very lame.
Die hard musical fans!! here's something to... turn your head at, the songs are catchy but get old fast, the cast barely pass as average, and in my opinion a film as bright and happy as this one deserves to burn in movie hell.
"Grease" in High School
This movie is awsome
is to be true to yourself
this is the best movie that Disney Channel has ever made
The songs are engaging and the choreography spectacular. If it weren't for the tween target audience, the plot could have moved further.
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