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High School Musical 2 2007

During the summer vacations a talent show is organized in a local country club and Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad and Taylor take part in it...

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It's remarkable that what began as a run-of-the-mill Disney Channel Original Movie has erupted as a cultural phenomenon of glorious song and dance. "High School Musical" was the rare musical treasure that has found a place in the hearts of grade-schoolers and teenagers alike. I myself cherished the film enough to include it on my list of the year's best films. The movie went onto become the number one soundtrack of 2006 and a best selling DVD as well. Made for television or not, "High School Musical" is one of the best musicals ever to be put on film. "High School Musical 2" is a movie of such anticipation that it's been just as awaited as theatrical blockbusters like "Spider-Man 3" and "Transformers."

Even as our summer comes to an end, the summer is just beginning for the students of East High. Troy Bolton, played by Zack Efron, and his wildcat friends are back for their final summer before graduation. The teens become determined to achieve high-paying summer jobs with college on the way. Troy and his best girl Gabriella, played by Vanessa Anne Hudgens, attempt to stick together over the holiday by landing jobs at a local country club. The snobby Sharpay Evans however, has plans of her own to grasp Troy into her clutches. Troy soon finds himself drifting away from his friends as he falls into Sharpay's crowd.

The "High School Musical" craze has made superstars out of both Zack Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. However, the standout performance of this sequel comes from Ashley Tisdale's character of Sharpay. This high school queen bee is a classic blonde who plasters all of her possessions in pink. If it wasn't for the fact that this is a Disney movie, she'd be a regular Paris Hilton. Tisdale's performance steals the whole show as this hilariously show stopping villainess.

The one aspect of this sequel that does disappoint is the music itself. There was not a song in the original "High School Musical" that was forgettable. The soundtrack had a terrific diversity of music from rap, to salsa, to rock. In "High School Musical 2" it feels as if you're hearing the same song over and over again. There's not a number in this movie that can contend with the catchy melody of "Get Your Head in the Game" or the touching song of "Breaking Free." With exception to a few catchy tunes, "High School Musical 2" fails to compare with a feature such as "Hairspray."

While the music somewhat lets down, what I found most engaging about "High School Musical 2" was the relationships between the characters. These are teenagers of such joyous spirit, that you can't help but grow to appreciate their presence on screen. I genuinely cared about the relationship between Troy and Gabriella. I enjoyed the development of Sharpay's sidekick brother Ryan, played by Lucas Grabeel. One thing that this series has managed to maintain is its authentic, sincere heart.

While it's not quite in the same league of the 2006 hit, I fiercely enjoyed this second installment to "High School Musical." Director Kenny Ortega, who has primarily worked as a choreographer, has really made a name for himself as a filmmaker here. His ingenious talent of choreography can be greatly witnessed in this movie with some of the best dance moves ever to be put on film. I look forward to seeing what direction Ortega and the rest of the cast will take this series as the characters reach graduation in "High School Musical 3."
The plot is old hat and it has that Disney cuteness that can be nauseating at times. But, it was more likeable than I thought it was going to be, and it even had some good musical numbers. Zac Efron definitely has star appeal and he is talented musically, but his acting....
Take Superbad and stick it through the Disney grinder. Beat away the humor and anything that resembles real life. Add a few Gap commercials and throw in a boatload of sugar.
That's this movie - a Disney-produced film that's designed to make millions of teenage boys and girls (and preteens ... and kindergarteners) want to buy stuff.
I watched this movie on the Disney channel, of course, Saturday night, and I made fun of just about everything I saw to my wife. A dance off between baseball teams breaks out in the middle of a game. Yes, a dance off.
It gets worse.
But, between all the fluff and stuff that would make most 31-year-old men beg for Sportscenter ... I found a movie that does what it's meant to do, and does it well. It entertains kids.
I'll be a parent some day, and I'd rather my children love something like this than video games where they get to kill cops. I'd rather my little girl own a High School Musical 8 DVD than most of the other nonsense out there.
It's clean fun. And actually, the kids aren't bad performers. The lead guy, Teeny McSteamypants I think it is ... has talent. So does his girlfriend and the surrounding characters. They'll all do well in life until they hit their Britney/Lindsay stage. I suppose Disney does that to you.
So despite the fact that this movie isn't for me, I appreciate it.
This movie is better then High school musical because its more exciting. I would recommend this movie for children 2-12.
HSM 2 is the best in the trilogy, but it still misses the mark on originality and likable characters.
This film has created High School Musical into a global phenomenon. Reasons for this being the songs are 10 times better and the choreography has been stepped up a few notches. It shows the budget has improved by involving MUCH better backing dancers and using incredible settings. The stars have become much more focused it seems and things like dancing has improved drastically particularly for Ashley Tisdale who seemed to show a weak spot in the dancing in the first High School Musical. Zac Efron actually uses his own singing voice in this, which is quite a shock as the singing voice of Drew Seeley was used in the first film. It turns out Zac Efron to my amazement has an ounce of talent in him in the second film.
I liked it. I liked it even better than H.S. Musical I. The plot wasn't as engaging, but the music and dancing were even better. Efron and Hudgens are delightful as is Tisdale as the arch uppity-queen of the scene. Hudgren's smile is worth the price of admission. What a great family movie! It's no wonder so many have flocked to it IN SPITE of the lack of formal critical acclaim. It must not have enough darkness and depressive content to satisfy those who oversee the acclaimed bilge on today's movie screens. This is Disney at its best and as Disney should remain: fun, charming, safe, entertaining, uplifting, inspiring, solid. Thanks!

I saw the original High School Musical because of how much hype it was getting from fans, and the fact that both the DVD and the soundtrack were among the best sellers of that year. I wanted to dislike High School Musical, but in the end I actually enjoyed the film for what it was. Now when it comes to High School Musical 2, I wanted to like it. Why? Well, the first one was a decent film, and I would have liked to see a sequel to a musical actually end up being as great, or better than the original. Sadly, High School Musical joins the ranks of Grease 2 and Shock Treatment (sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show) as sequels not being able to recapture the charm or appeal of the original.

I was happy to see that the original cast all returned to reprise their roles. I hate it when a film is as big as High School Musical can't get all of the actors back to do the follow-up film. The thing I admired about the first film was that the film's villain Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) learned her lesson in the end, and the rest of the characters were able to forgive her. But for some reason this film has her returning to her evil ways as she tries to wedge herself between Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Anne Hudgens). I guess being the biggest Disney Channel movie ever doesn't allow you a big enough creative freedom for a new villain or villains?

And it wasn't like she was evil in a fun way. It is just the same old story of the snotty rich girl trying to steal the school hottie away from his girlfriend. How the hell Troy wasn't able to see what was going on was amazing to me. And since we are on the subject of Troy, the film gives him one of the most mixed up messages I have ever experienced in any movie.

See, all of his friends are angry with him because he is getting all these great offers for his future... you know, college and such. In the end he learns that he shouldn't have forgotten his friends and he passes on all of his offers. So let me get this straight; preventing your friends from being jealous of you trying to make a future for yourself is more important than college or anything like that? Excuse me when I say "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?"

The music in the film isn't as catchy as the original film, expect for the opening "What Time Is It?" and the closing "All For One." Everything else sounded like generic rip-offs of other greater songs. At least the singing voices are better this time around. Pity the dance routines were embarrassing to watch, and didn't fit well with most of the songs.

I will say that there was one aspect to the film, other than the two songs mentioned above, that I did like. Lucas Grabeel's Ryan Evans I felt didn't develop much in the original film. I liked that he got more screen time in this film, and didn't feel like that annoying henchman character he was in the original. He is a better actor than I thought he was capable of being.

This film did even better than the original as far as ratings, and there is still at least one more film slated in this series. I'm hoping that the third film can at least come up with something new instead of recycling the same thing all over again! Because if I have to watch another film that features the evils of Sharpay Evans, well then I might have to become that film snob everyone calls me and stop giving films like this a chance.

Like "High School Musical" before it I was impressed with this film. All the cast members have improved on their acting , singing and dancing and it's good to see Zac Efron do his own singing. Sharpay and Ryan drift apart in this movie with Sharpay still acting as an antagonist while Ryan becomes a protaganist.

Best Song - "What Time is it"
Worst song - Sharpays version of "You Are the Music in me"
Wow! kids get a kick out of this movie, and so do I
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