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One of the most enjoyable "Westerns" of all time, despite it being set in the Middle East. Viggo was awesome, and Omar Sharif was absolutely perfect as the Sheikh. I've probably watched it a dozen times now, and it always keeps me hooked.
I don't know what it is about this film but I can watch it over & over & it never gets old..! Viggo Mortenson puts in a stellar performance & his horse is as big a character as he is.. 10/10
brilliant western style movie, viggo mortenson is brilliant, watch '' the road '' and A history of violence '' there his other brilliat movies hes in, and of course the unforgetable lord of the rings trilogy where he plays aragon
What Flicker you don't speak Farsi or the Cherokee language's? No worries neither do I.
The US military has a terrible history when it comes to the mass slaughter of horse's, after WWI they started a program to slaughter all the horse's they had in there ranks until one Captain went AWOL with a few of his men and drove the horse's assigned to him to be killed and drove them hard north into Canada. The CMP in Canada needed horse's and were more than happy to take them off are hand's, but are military for some reason thought it be better to kill the horse's for dog food rather than let them live. If not for the action's of this one person and his men are military most likely would still be killing it's work horse's in there rank's.
When this first came out on DVD I rented it from Netflix guess what No subtitles at all. We were upset. Missing the parts where foreigners speak and no one to tell us what they were saying. Now some of these links Audio is also out of sync, so that makes it rough. I looked all over for something with subtitles 25 days ago, and still looking now. I loved this movie it is Astounding! Just a beautiful story.. Cheers... said a of the three best flicks for true horsemen ever produced..ELECTRIC HORSEMAN (robert redford)..ALL THE PRETTY HORSES (matt damon, directed by billy bob thornton)...HIDALGO (translation: son of something / viggo mortensen)...horses and dogs are among the very few reasons i've remained in this god awful creation as long as i have..have quite a few fine ones waitin' on me..look forward to see 'em come a'runnin' to meet me.
None of these copies have subtitles. It wouldn't be a big deal if I spoke Arabic and Cherokee, but I don't. Too bad. This is a great movie that I haven't seen in years. Was looking forward to enjoying it again. Maybe one of you awesome linkers will put up a good one soon...
Collateral. One particular scene kind of sums up the overall impression I got of this movie. It's when Cruise says he killed his dad when he was 12. Since I absolutely cannot stand random insertions of "momma didn't love me" into the villains' background, the following sentence was a relief to hear because it somehow said "I'm not that kind of movie." And then, after the most impressive hour or so I've seen in the genre in recent years, it becomes that kind of movie. All in all, though, it's a wonderfully done piece that doesn't seem to take itself seriously enough to be bothered with a less cliched ending or to trust its qualities (mainly, character development) without going for the occasional overkill, especially in the last 10 minutes or so. But at least it displays a twisted sense of humour about it. Jamie Foxx and Jada Pinkett were awesome. Cruise was better than ever, now if only he could kick the habit of occasionally trying to interpret the scene with that significant gaze of his instead of simply acting it. 8/10

Bridget Jones II. A shamelessly cheesy sequel, totally relying on the audiences' nostalgia and memory of the first movie, and rescued in more ways than one by the amazing cast. 6/10

The Life of David Gale. When a movie uses Lacan as the subtext, has a great script, great cast, and is well directed, this academic slacker is quite easily amused. I loved the way Gale made the full circle from that lecture on Lacan and the trappings of self-perpetuating desire (which he himself was not immune to at that point), through disintegration, to the end of the movie, without everything being reiterated as if the audience's attention span didn't reach that far back (which is something that Collateral sacrificed in favour of an unnecessary leap into mush). 10/10

Donnie Darko. I just loved this movie. It has a wonderful balance between being original and not being self-important or pretentious in the least. It's interesting and great to look at, but not burdened with it. Great cast, great soundtrack, cool cinematography... And it's always great to see a problematic protagonist remain unscathed by the writer's, director's, or actor's favouring some kind of a bottom-lined, metonymical, judgmental take on a morally ambiguous character instead of letting him simply unfold. For all that and much, much more, it gets 10/10.

Hidalgo. Beautifully shot, but kinda on the average side and easily forgotten in terms of the story. Viggo and the horse rocked. 7/10
I really like the movie Hidalgo. Though it's not the best movie I've seen and not my absolute favorite, it's one of my favorite horse movies. It shows friendship between man and horse and how far a horse will go to please (that's the understatement of the year) his master. Hidalgo is an adventurous, action, "good-ending" type movie that demonstrates -- as I said earlier -- that when you love your horse, your horse will love you back. I'm sure that all horse-crazy people will find it quite enjoyable. :up:

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