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A product of the Disney Renaissance...absolute perfection. A must see for kids of all ages.
This is such a good Disney movie. It's not a particularly funny one (obviously, it has some very funny parts) but the story is so good, it doesn't matter.
Not much to say, most disney movies blow me away somehow.
this one did better than the rest for me. I found the animation good
and the story amusing. in a nut shell
Highly amusing
A treat for the whole family.
Robocop is a fun 80s cheesefest of a movie. With some terrificly quotable one liners.

O Brother, Where Art Though? is a very fun movie that turned me onto the coen brothers so holds a special place in my movie-heart.

Hercules is very good contemperary disney.

Hercules is not one of the better Disney animated movies, but it's still a mildly entertaining one. Although baby Hercules is FRIGHTENINGLY UGLY and Meg is one of the worst characters in a Disney movie probably ever (did Hercules REALLY fall for her?), the movie gains some points for including Hades as an interesting villain and providing some memorable songs.
One of Disney's last good films, before it went down the crapper.
This is one of Disney's funniest movies. "Meg" defintely emerges as my all-time favorite female Disney role. Breaking from tradition, her character is not all lady-like in her biting wit and sarcasm, but it works, serving to make the film funny and her character lovable despite working with very questionable motives. The set-up and plot is typical for the movie but the script, animation, and music are most original and good. If I register a complaint, it's the perpetual humor kept the movie from being emtionally wrenching.
Ah another movie that will be featured in Kingdom Hearts 2. This was actually in the first one, so I'm not actually giving anything away there. But yea the reason I'm reviewing this is cause recently on the Disney channel they where showing it. So everyone lucked out cause I wasn't even sure if I was going to continue doing this. I just keep on forgetting to watch these movies, and I still have a few to watch.

Anyway Disney's Hercules doesn't really follow the Greek story lines of Hercules to a T. In fact it kinda just throws them out and hints to them at times. Now I don't know a lot about Greek mythology but I'm pretty sure that Disney's Hercules is no where near correct. Now does that make it a bad movie? No, of course not. Its not great ether, but is it a nice watch if your ever able to catch it.

I don't have a lot to say about this movie, it seems to have come in between Disney's transition from great animation to sucky CGI only animation. I know thats a long gap but I just wanted to mention again my hatred towards Disney's thinking now a days. Alright so you get the picture, watch this if you want, its a nice movie to play while your doing other things.
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