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Hellraiser: Hellseeker 2002

A shady businessman attempts to piece together the details of the car crash that killed his wife and rendered him an amnesiac-- and left him in possession of a sinister puzzle box that summons monsters...

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It was really cool to watch!! A lot different from inferno and good to see ashley again. Enjoyed it!! Lets keep this marathon going

hehe its fantastic

In celebration for The Blair Witch Project I decided to watch two horror movie sequels...

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (Berlinger, 2000) - **1/2
It is plain as day that this film is directed by the same guy who did Paradise Lost, the documentary on the West Memphis Three. He has his in-jokes about witchcraft and "murderers" who wear black. And as a fan of the Blair Witch, I do enjoy this film. It is a BAD movie - genuine crappy horror. But there is a wit which the first film lacked. There is a lot to say in a movie so disregarded by critics and audiences alike. It plays out like a satire of the first film, telling us that "Video never lies. Film does." The Blair Witch Project was shot on video, and the sequel was shot on film AND video. I do recommend this film to smart people who like bad horror. Try to realize the themes and messages to the film, surrounded by the bad acting, ridiculous writing and awful visual effects.


Hellraiser: Hellseeker (Bota, 2002) - *1/2
This film wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't boring. It is so hard to get through that you can only smirk at the half-intelligent ending. There is a movie worthy of a better title than the sixth installment of the Hellraiser series here, but it turns out to be nothing but stomach-turning fluff. The series ended with the third. Some even argue the second. I, for one, think this film could've done without Pinhead (Doug Bradley). It could have been a little tighter. The Hellraiser name is what it takes for fools like me to see films like these. But maybe a better marketing team could've figured out that the "nightmare" they had on film wasn't that bad. They could've worked on it to make it better. Hey, if House of 1000 Corpses can play in 1000 theaters, couldn't another movie just as random? Maybe Rob Zombie should've picked up a few bucks attaching his name to this Hellraiser flick instead of wasting my two hours with his nonsensical and unscary fare.

Yeah, I know you can see a tit in there somewhere. Sue me.
This is 3 thru 7, as 8 and 9 have yet to be made available to the public. This where it starts to get weird.
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
This is when the series became really hokie. Just random cenobite creations, weirdness everywhere. Just way too much focus on cenobites, completely losing the key focus. I'll admit that some of the deaths were cool, but there was much to be desired.
Hellraiser: Bloodline
This is my least favorite as it doesn't fit well into the series and it tries to explain all so that the series can die. It was just stupid and pointless.
Hellraiser: Inferno
This movie is great, but it just doesn't seem to work too well as a Hellraiser flick. I recommend this as a great thriller movie, very much along the lines of The Machinist, just slightly better story.
Hellraiser: Hellseeker
Another great movie trapped in a Hellraiser cocoon. It is another good flick to see as it is very similar in the style of Hellraiser: Inferno. I can only hope the next installments keep along the same lines.
Starring: Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Sean Chapman, and Doug Bradley.
Written and Directed by Clive Barker.
Rated R (for strong, gruesome violence and gore, sexuality/nudity and language).
Running time approximately 1 hour 31 minutes.

Ashley's back...for more

Hellraiser: Hellseeker is dreadful. It is one of the most boring and insipid horror films I've seen, and certainly the only film in the series to really suffer from the dreaded sequelitis. Zero Stars (out of ****) F
A very disappointing Hellraiser movie I must say
This was complete and utter crap. It was an insult to the Hellraiser franchise. Hellraiser is supposed to be a horror. This was like watching an episode of Law and Order, with a sprinkle of gore. Very disappointing.
Utter crap. Even the biggest Hellraiser fans know this movie sucks. And this got a theatrical release, too? While the others before this are more violent than scary... this film wouldn't scare a small child.
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