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Hellraiser 1987

An unfaithful wife encounters the zombie of her dead lover; demons are pursuing him after he escaped their sadomasochistic underworld...

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 7.1



What a classic! I grew up on this movie what a way to kick off my hellraiser marathon!! Let the fun begin. Great link!!
There are nine Hellraiser films but the first always been my fav although a few of the sequels have been decent ''few'' I cant see why Hollywood hasn't Remade/Rebooted this horror classic like they have with all the rest as this one would undoubtedly be the hardest & take a pretty big budget along with a great cast, for the most part i like the horror remakes a lot are pretty good like Dawn of the dead, The hills of eyes, The thing and Friday the 13th Then others not so much.. cough *A nightmare on elm street* anyway sure they'll attempt to remake this classic hope it does the film & the fans justice

Seriously, what can be more entertaining than a wife cheating with her husbands brother. Add to that, that the brother is a rotting incubus in the upstairs room who needs to drain bodies of blood to re-generate. This is all before the evil Cenobites come back from hell to get him due to the fact that he escaped them.


I have finally seen it. Now I can safely say I've seen the entire Hellraiser series. *Ignores jealous looks*
Although I should say the first movie is the best one, I won't. I prefer the first sequel because of those impressive visuals and that utterly despicable villain.
Because I think this one suffers from a lack of an all too impressive villian. Sure you have Pinhead, but his role is relatively small.
Not a bad thing, if only Frank had been a creepy fellow.
He has his moments but the character only becomes scary
When he gets his new skin
The movie also suffers from the lack of characters to care about, but makes up for that by having a not too predictable story.
And when the movie uses gore, it's very effective.
The make-up effects are solid as well.
Sneakers - I can't find a valid flaw with this movie. Funny as hell, too. - $5

Avalon - This film had great potential, and every student in film school should see it simply for the amazing use of lighting, and colorization. As for the film itself, it leaves a little to be desired, but it is an enjoyable little trip. - $15

Virus - Yeah, I know. But I found a copy in DTS for 5 bucks so cut me some slack, its gonna sound sweet. And its better than getting kicked in the shins.

Hellraiser - I seem to remember part 2 creeping me out more than the first one, but that was some time ago. Now I see, part one is a better overall product. Still, Ashley Lawrence is scorching hot. Wow.

Hellraiser 2 - Read above, douchebag.
Hellraiser is a beautiful movie. Clive Barker is one of the masters of horror! I can't believe it got the ratings it did! The movie is perfectly interpreted from the book. I never expected the cenobites to be so good. And you must admit, the special effects are pretty good for a 80's movie.
Clive Barker's darkly graphic horror film is actually a good regular movie underneath the surface.
This weekend I witnessed these two flicks. Assault on Precinct 13 was fun, action-packed and I found IMO that some lines in it were funny. I hope the remake is also great... It is quite violent for 1976, but I thought that was fine. The plot made sense and even though not too much of it after you get the storyline, all the shooting is exciting and excellent!!! The music was funky and even though sounded familiar from some other 1970s movies.. I still didn't mind much. It was hardcore action, violence, an all around good movie.

Hellraiser was disgusting. No, icky. No, Absolutely almost un-watchable. It was sickening. I give it a 4/10 because of originality and plotwise, it held up well. The acting wasn't bad or them acting really stupid, but then again... it was not too much talking from the female leads. I just couldn't concentrate on most of the movie from all the hooks into skin and hammers into heads. It was so raw and disturbing, it was distracting. See it for the gore fans, but even I got a bit squemish watching people get hooked... literally... a lot.

Hellraiser is the story more or less of "pleasure seeker" Frank Cotton. One day while on one of his journeys in Thailand he hears of a puzzle box that if solved brings the ultimate pleasure. When he gets the box and solves it he gets a rude awakening. The reward is the cenobites, scarred, torturous demons whos idea of pleasure is the ultimate pain. Frank and his soul is ripped to shreads by their hooks that come out of seemingly nowhere.

A few years later Franks older brother Larry and his wife Julia move into their parents old house that hasn't been used in years. They find remnants of Larry but assume he has long since abandoned the place. When Frank cuts himself while moving a bed, and drips blood on the same floor where Larry was done in by the cenobites, Frank is somehow able to escape them and return to human form.

We slowly find out that Julia slept with him on her and Larry's wedding day. She then enters the room and finds Frank re-incarnated but he is nothing more then bones covered in muscle. He tells her it was the blood that brought him back and he needs more to be fully regenerated to human form. Julia begins luring men back to the house and killing them for Frank who starts looking more and more like a normal person. He continues to tell Julia that once he's fully restored they can be together.

Meanwhile Larry's daughter Kirsty walks into Franks room one day, and discovers uncle Frank. He tries to silence her, but she gets ahold of his box and escapes with it. Needless to say she solves the box and unleashes the cenobites. They are about to take her out when she strikes a deal to show them where Frank is. For this she may get to keep her life.

I'm not going to give away any of the ending. I was both unsatisfied, and then satisfied with the way this movie ended. I'll leave it at that.

The strong point in Hellraiser was that the story wasn't driven by the villains or cenobites. It was driven by people, Frank in particular. You can probably even make a case that he is the villain, and that the cenobites were his punishment for being a bit to curious.

The effects in Hellraiser were also superb for such a low budget movie. It's one thing for a movie to be gory, but it's completely another when it's so chilling and effective how the gore is used. There is alot of violence in Hellraiser that you'll never see in any other movie. The cenobites also looked awesome. It takes a twisted mind to come up with monsters that look like that. Kudos to Clive Barker for making his book come alive. My personal favorite was the monster with the skin folded back on his face that was forced to constantly grind his teeth. Simply chilling.

The one weak part of Hellraiser that kept it at B+ and out of A territory was the plot holes. I don't mean real holes in the plot, I simply mean a few times when things aren't explained enough for us to understand why they are happening. In a movie so weird we need to constantly be reminded why something is happening so we can ourselves be made to believe it. The one thing that really irked me that I wanted to know was....How did Larry's blood hitting the floor help Frank escape the cenobites, and more importantly bring him back to human form. The man was dead for christ sake. Few plot holes aside Hellraiser is an original and classic horror entry that you will not soon forget.
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