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An amazing film! Since I am a huge fan of the comic book and of Mr.Ron Perlman i was very very very very verry please!!!!! at the end, which I wont tell so i dont spoil it for people that haven't seen it, let me just said I was almost at the point of crying like a baby! the ending is sooo romantic. (thats as far as I go about reveling the ending!) Ron Perlman is amazing! is delivors the lines sooooooo well and he is Hellboy! (without the red skin , huge arm and horns! tehe) other wise his personlity is very very much like the character! LSelma Blair was also a great choice for the Liz Sherman character. (Christina Richi copuld have played her too!) yet I must say Selma Blair has grown on me to become on of my fav actress of all time, She is soo cool and had a one eyed dog!!! The rest of the cast was way awesome and sooo cool! my fav lines were:
"She took a picture of him! She took a picture of Him! she took a picture of him...."
"Little Kid: My mom says you should tell her how you feel. Hellboy: How would you know, I'm getting advice from a nine year old."
tehe anyway! go see it! buh bye
my rating:
whoa its been awhile sence i last updated this thing...well the only reason im on here AGAIN, is because it by force of love, ya baby, everyone loves the E-man, ha ha all right.. well peace everyone, oh and cant forget to mention Bri (boomified) and pinksugar(ky) the two that forced me back on here, but mostly pink, lol, and hell boy looks kick ass ppl

If you take a step back from this film, you realize how unusual and rare a movie like this is. First off, it is based on a rather obscure comic book that is not widely familiar to general populace. And secondly, this film has no big names in any of the major roles, even the title character is played by an actor who has only really achieved cult status, and yet despite these facts Sony decided to go ahead and greenlight this rather odd little picture.

Hellboy in its purest sense is a comic book movie. Everything about it drips with this comic fan like enthusiasm that is so sorely missing from so many of the other adaptations. From the opening obligatory origin sequence to the multiple instances of comic-like poses in conjunction with witty one-liners this film is a geek's delight. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this film is the completely lop-sided priority it gives to the "hero" characters and their interactions. Whereas most other films would set-up the characters in a quick and concise manner so that they can progress to dealing with the main conflict and or antagonist of the film, Hellboy seems to work in an almost opposite fashion, by quickly establishing the main conflict and the presence of the "bad guys", then moving on to the "good guys" and spending a great deal of screen time with predominately the title character Hellboy.

Hellboy is clearly the heart and soul of this film, as most of the scenes in the movie directly involve him and that is both a failing and a blessing. A failing in that, when a particular scene does not directly involve Hellboy the movie seems to become timid and nervous, with a naked like sense to it. It is a blessing in that Ron Perlman is more than up to the task of carrying this film on his big broad red shoulders, he embodies this role much in the same way Hugh Jackman does Wolverine, and yet Perlman is actually more perfect than Jackman. Perlman gives one of the finest and most charismatic action performances in a good while, and radiates this Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones quality. He completely nails his character's sense of heroic vulnerability, nicely conveying the duality of Hellboy's desires in wanting to lead an average life and yet realizing his important role in protecting mankind, not to mention his dead on comedic delivery.

The biggest problem with the film is that it sets too high of goals for itself. The main conflict of the film is not really developed or even sufficiently explained and comes across as unimportant and anti-climatic. The film tries to balance the relationships and interactions of our heroes with this conflict and does so with varying degrees of success. In terms of pacing it is all over the map, in some places it progresses too quickly and in other places it slows to a crawl. There is no doubt that this film is unsure of whether it is two stories in one movie or two movies crammed into one story. This film feels incomplete, like there are a number of scenes missing, and from what I have heard they are already at work on an extended director's cut of the film for the DVD, which I will be following with great interest.

I just can't see Rick Baker not getting another Oscar nomination for his make-up work on the film. It is a rather bold move in Hollywood now to do something practically that could easily be done CG, but Baker and his team do much of this work with make-up and prosthetics and it greatly adds to the beautiful comic-book look of the film. The CG that is in the movie is very inconsistent, jumping from very good, to really bad and nearly everything in between.

When you walk out of Hellboy you are not quite sure how to feel, the film shoots high and misses, but not by a lot. Hellboy is filled with ideas, and is unquestionably one of the more unique experiences you are likely to have at a mainstream blockbuster type film, but the most important thing is that, it is a solidly entertaining film and do you really need a better reason to go see it?

8.0 out of 10
Too many of the free screenings seem to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tonight The Orphanage, started up a few years ago by ex-ILMers, had a preview screening for Hellboy, which they worked on. Open seats were free to ILMers, so I dropped in.

Generally not bad. Once again, I don't know crap about the source material, but it seemed better than a lot of recent comic book movies, i.e. LXG, Hulk. I know it's asking a bit much, but one of the things typically overlooked in comic-to-film conversions is how bizarre and unusual the characters are beyond their special powers. The better conversions have been able to portray that successfully, like the original Batman movie in '89, and the recent Spiderman and X-men films. Hulk tried ever so hard to do it, but went way OVERBOARD. Hellboy was okay, in this regard, but not great.

FX weren't bad, but one girl I saw it with wasn't as impressed as I was. Some hits and some misses, as always. Hellboy as an infant is done in CG, and that didn't sell me, but the hell hounds were pretty good. Some fire FX didn't sell me either. Product placements galore. You'll find yourself with odd cravings for Baby Ruth, Bud Light, and Red Bull after the film.
I've been pretty psyched about this movie since I heard about it. I've also been a big Ron Perlman for quite awhile... I was loving him back in his Alien: Resurrection days, and had to see this movie. I've never read a Hellboy comic book... I've yet to even read a comic book. But good lord, was this great.

We went into New York City, because a theater in Times Square was having a showing a week early. Not only that, but we were also lucky enough to go to a screening that both Ron Perlman and Salma Blair were at... they spoke to us, and made the whole trip worth while.

So we watched the movie, and I was never bored for a second. Some great writing mixed with some terrible puns and questionable timing for humor made this a great movie. Sure, plot was a little weak, but that's not the type of movie this was. This was the type of movie that would make the person next to me lean over and ask "When he beats off, do you think he does it with his big hand, or his little hand?"

The world was in danger, but it wasn't so serious that we would stop joking about it. Fun flick. Go see it, because it opens today.
Just got back from a midnight screening of Hellboy. Eh... I can't say much for it. I think reading some advance reviews on Ain't It Cool News raised my expectations for the acting in the movie. Well, it wasn't that spectacular, and there wasn't really much of it anyway. That's the absolute last time I listen to the fanboys on AICN. The movie itself lacked a decent sense of purpose. I think it wanted to explain Hellboy's background but somehow just couldn't focus on anything. Nothing seemed important to know or remember about these people.

I am also finding that I don't like fast action sequences that really just hide the fact that they can't make it look good.

I can see it wasn't some epic and wasn't meant to be, but it just didn't have much else going for it.

I just lowered my rating for Hellboy. Upon more reflection, it just didn't do much for me. It could be boiled down into a sub-par 1 hour TV series pilot without losing much. Some people are praising the whole romance thing between Hellboy and Liz. I didn't find anything special in that. There may have been some good character moments, but the movie never settled down to let me enjoy them.
I've never read any Hellboy comics (in fact i don't read any comics at all), so i'm glad to say my first taste of the character was a pleasing experience. The thign that really makes Hellboy stand out is it's character driven story. You actually feel for this huge red demon in ways that may not seem possible at first. Ron Pearlman is just hilarious as Hellboy. He puts such emotion and humour into this character that you can't help but love it. The rest of the cats is great by all means, but the title character shines in every scene.

Everythign else about this movie is also well done. The sets looks great, the action is fun and exciting, and the special effects (while not perfect) put on a good show for us. I definetly recommend Hellboy to anyone in the mood for a fun new character to admire.
Hellboy & Walking Tall: Here I Come :)
Well it wasn't so bad... It could have been better. It's too much like Blade, too much like Underworld and I liked neither of them. So maybe I'm not a fan of the genre but I still didn't like this movie.
One HELL of a dissapointment. Coulda been so much better.
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