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Heartbreakers 2001

A mother and daughter con team seduce and scam wealthy men...

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Solar rating: 7.7


Imdb rating: 6.2



I really liked this movie. Good cast made the story come to life, it made me laugh ( Sigourney weaver is great!) and it had romance too... all in all worth watching! 7/10.

Sigourney Weaver just makes this movie, she is the sexiest woman alive.

I thought this movie was hilarious. I wonder if there is something wrong with me, because all my friends seem to disagree. Great performances by Weaver and Love-Hewitt!
In what could be called a female version of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt star as a beautiful mother-daughter team, Max and Page, who con men out of their thousands through a simple plan: Max marries a man and the next day, walks in on that man being seduced by Page (who is posing as someone other than Max's daughter). A quick divorce follows and mother and daughter walk off with a fortune. It's a plan that has worked for years, but now Page is beginning to come-of-age and wants to start her own scamming business. While Max must come to terms with her daughter's independence, the two resolve to pull one last scam. Their target turns out to be a wealthy tobacco magnate (brilliantly played by Gene Hackman). Various mayhem ensues, with double-crosses galore and even a budding romance between Page and a beach bartender (played by the always charming Jason Lee). The actors are clearly having a romp in this sexy comedy, but alas, most of the comedy comes up just short of the mark. There are some funny bits, to be sure, and one brilliant scene (Hackman, as the tobacco magnate, defends marketing cigarettes to children). But the movie is a bit too uneven and begins to drag near the end. It is a shame, really, because Weaver, Hewitt, Hackman, Lee and Ray Liotta are all charming and put forth a good effort in making the comedy work. Heartbreakers is not necessarily a particularly bad comedy, just a somewhat forgettable one, with little in the way of acerbic wit or pure hilarity.


Jennifer Love Hewitt

Here is a list of my favorite Jennifer Love Hewitt movies with (rating):

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I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) 10/10
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The Suburbans (1999) 7/10
The Audrey Hepburn Story (TV, 2000) 10/10
Heartbreakers (2001) 10/10
The Tuxedo (2002) 8/10
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Ok, I just saw this movie again the other night on TV and I'd have to say it's pretty good. Con movies tend to rely on twists and chacter development rather than a real plot....and in this sense, Heartbreakers really delivered.

No big laughs up front, only minor giggles until Ray Liotta embelishes his character in the final stanza, at which point you finally realise why this movie's in the "comedy" section

I'll give this 7 out of 10
2 pts for eye candy
3 for characters and plot
and another 2 for ray liotta

The celeb rating need no further elucidation, I should hope.


As for movies:

Awful movie. I only caught about 2/3 of it, actually. This movie is commendable only because it is one hundred and twenty minutes of JLH goodness. The women is a goddess. Terrible actress, but who cares? Ray Liotta provides the most accessible comedic material in the film. We were all eagerly anticipating the inevitable pistol-whipping of Sigourney Weaver. To quote Dave Chapelle, "Don't you watch my movies?"


As for music:

These albums have been keeping me busy lately. Good stuff, you should check it out if you haven't already.


As for me:

Moving out next week into a new apartment roughly half a mile away. On vacation the week after that. School starts two weeks after that. After that...well I don't know. Back to the grind, I suppose. *Shudders*
there is not much fun in this movie but the story and its sequences makes it good.
Best in Show: Sigourney Weaver
One for the future: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Stand-out scene: Statue shenanigans
Brainer or no-brainer: No brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

From the director of the equally treasurable Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion, this knockabout slapstick comedy features pitch-perfect performances from Weaver, Hewitt, Hackman and Liotta. In the hands of less-skilled performers such free-wheeling material can fall flat but this film just sparkles with invention and cheerful spoofery. Sigourney Weaver should really do more comedy, her deft timing adding extra layers to to your enjoyment level. Hewitt, who cut her teeth in TVs Party of Five proves to be an excellent foil to the experienced actress, here playing con artist mother and daughter. Specialising in divorce settlements, the mother marries their 'mark' only for the daughter to trap him in a compromising position in order that the mother walk in and demand a divorce. Ray Liotta hams it up as one such 'mark' while Gene Hackman makes the most of the chance to portray a physically repulsive millionaire on his last legs. Yes, the story's entirely predictable and the premise of men unable to control their lust a somewhat spurious basis but you forgive it as the journey's so entertaining. Weaver's idea to have Hackman's characters' housekeeper dressed up like Mrs Danvers is nothing short of genius. Loved it.
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