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Haywire 2011

A black ops super soldier seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission...

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Imdb rating: 5.8

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theres a lot to like about this movie, gina is not an actor but shes doing fine, also her figthing IS real ... man id like to have my ass kicked by her
I loved how the fight scenes were less "intense" than usual fights, with less "added sounds", it was very realistic. And the conspiracy wasn't a nation wide plot. You could really believe it all.
i did even know about this movie..i liked it bunches!!
Gina kicks ass! Not exactly high production, but a good story with good action scenes.
despite no training or experience at acting, gina carano did very well.. she IS actually a mixed martial arts master and was much more believable than, say, angelina jolie and others.. the inclusion of many name actors helped this film immeasurably.. there have been similar stories but this one is better presented.. if you research carano on imdb, you find that she was a chubby girl until she tagged along to her boyfriend's hand-to-hand class.. she trimmed up and kicked everybody else in the world's ass.. this is a very good action flick with a very believable female lead.

There was plenty of action in this movie.

The movie lacks the right type of music during action scenes to really add any edge, and the flash backs in the movie are really boring. I don't think I'd give it higher than 5/10, except maybe for the last bit of the movie.

wow, that's an awsome movie. It's action packed from start to finish,and it didn't need to resort to the hackneyed formula of exploding things to create excitement. When it ends you keep wanting for more. I hope they make a sequence to this one. The lead actress, Gina Carano, is fantastic. It's been a good while since I've watched an action movie this good.

sorry but i didn't like the movie!maybe i was expecting more!

movie kicks mucho butt...Gina Carano is bad ass and HOT! what more could you want?

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