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A good, good movie... for those people that like to watch "L.A. Vato- type" movies. Also, the role that Hathaway plays is totally not like her normal roles. Pretty darn good in my opinion.


Just finished watching the controversial Anne Hathaway movie Havoc on DVD. Anne puts on her best performance to date. The movie centers around what tension would eventually stir up when the white suburban teen gangster wannabees clash with the world of real urban Latino gangsters. The rest of the young cast here including Bijou Phillips, Freddy Rodiguez, Mike Vogel and some others is truly amazing & the direction is top notch. Anne puts on one of the best performances that I have seen all year long. This is a very intense & very controversial movie that I definately recommend to everyone. PEACE OUT!!!
The story of wanting to be someone else could never get old, right? I mean how could it get old? It's always going to be good, right? Well, I have some news for you: not only can it feel old; it can also be extremely dumb. This level of being dumb could possibly cause troubled people like me to laugh at an extremely dramatic, in-depth look at gang violence!

Alli is a rich suburban white girl who lives in pacific palisades, which I have no clue where that is so I will just call it Beverly Hills because that's what it strikes me as. She is in this gang called the P.L.C, which probably doesn't mean Pink Ladies are COOL! But what the hell, right? It is a gang of rich white kids who want to be like real gangsters. They talk this really cheap line of street dialect, they smoke herb and they fuck like bunnies. Life is hard when you're rich!

One night, Alli, Em and two of their guy friends go to East L.A. where the really bad Mexican gangbangers sell crack! Well, things happen and they are ultimately shown that the Hills aren't shit or something. Well, this sparks a curious interest in Alli, who is not only rich, but one could come to the assumption that she is pretty stupid and possibly suffering from some mysterious mental illness.

Because the girls want to feel what it's like to be real thugs, they head to East L.A. and find the same crack dealers that showed them up. The guys were like, you know, "Wow, homes, stupid white pussy, we could get laid!" and their premonitions were right on target! Hector, our main crack dealer was indeed a genius.

Things happen, drama happens, boobs are shown, many drugs are DWEP'd (That's geek slang that only geeks would know about, take that hard shit dawg!) and the like. I enjoyed watching a couple of scenes where Alli and Em were close to becoming teddy bear lovers, but it never happened. Apparently, the directors didn't have the balls to give us a real view: All rich suburban white girls will have sex with each other. Like, duh!

Well, the girls drop the LPC (since they DWEP'd lots of drugs) and decide they want to be real gangstabangaz! They head to Hector's place and ask to join! Hector, the genius and gentleman that he is, tell the girls that if they want to join, they got to give up the booty. Remember that stupid white pussy comment from earlier? Well, the girls agreed to this, thus finalizing my opinion that Hector is indeed a genius.

Well in the middle of watching these girls get hammered, Alli chickens out and Em is like "I'm going to do this shit!" and then, when she is covered with crack dealers, she changes her mind. Then she cries rape, then all this fucking emotional teenage saved by the bell drama shit happens and the LPC gets really mad and they want to pop a cap in the 16th (the name of the Mexican gang).

It wasn't a horrible movie, but it wasn't anything like I was expecting or hoping for. After seeing A Clockwork Orange I don't think I will ever be ultimately satisfied with any amount of violence and sex. I laughed at this movie though because I really like watching stupid rich people suffer. This chick actually thought the whole rich white culture was some fake culture. No, my dear, fake cultures usually involve elves and hobgoblins.

Upon the end of my review I will give to you prose which will help you determine whether this film is for you:

hey yo, homies
I'm a curious girl and I'm rich
I got a stupid daddy and my mom is a bitch!
My friend Emily, yeah she a ho
Fo sho, fo sho..

fuck this, I can't do it. I would rather be a really dumb, poor, confused and bored coonass than some stupid ass person that wants to say "YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN DAWG!?"

Peace out. Word to ya mutha.

This movie will be on my shelf very soon. I love it. The movie has a 1950's style to it and is about police corruption. I have a tendency to really like detective movies like this. I also have a tendency to love movies with either Guy Pierce or Kevin Spacey in it. Throw in a Russell Crowe and the movie is bound to be good. I really can't recommend this enough. It's got an excellent cast and great style along with a good story and dialogue. Great movie.

Garden State 6/10
For the longest time, all I've heard is great things about Garden State, and finally gave it a try today. It featured a pretty mundane story line and I had mixed feelings about the acting. There were a few laughs in the movie, and overall, it was worth my time, however I don't feel it completely lived up to its hype.

Havoc 2/10
Not recommended. It's a story about a couple white girls who are caught up in urban culture and end up getting involved with and trusting the wrong people, leading to terrible things happening to them. The story is predictable, and it didn't leave me with any food for thought. All in all, Havoc is not woth a watch unless you're interested in unneccessary excessive nudity, sexuality, drug abuse, violence, and profanity.
Had absolutely nothing to do yesterday.

Well, actually, I should have done more homework and more internship applications. But I got bored of doing that after a while.

So, I did this:

Directed by: Barbra Kopple

I still think this is the best road movie I've ever seen. It not only shows beautiful landscape, a realistic and ever changing friendship, but also a profound spiritual journey.

I only wish I could have seen it on the big screen again.

An interesting little morality tale.

From a purely male point of view, the two lead female characters were certainly attractive enough to keep the film interesting. Thankfully, that was not all that was needed.

The movie is about bored little rich kids who decide to play "on the wrong side of the tracks". Surprisingly enough, things get rough on that side.

Pretty solidy performances, believable anyway all the way around. Anne Hathoway in particular has a couple of points where she is excellent (and the role is far from the Princess Diaries and she is all grown up).

It is tightly shot, and the script had pretty good pacing (though it did slow down a bit about 1/3 of the way in).

The let down comes in the ending. The point was about making life "real" and learning about how making decisions actually affects lives, but then as the story came to its finish we don't actually get to the consequences to the main characters. From our perspective the story abruptly ends and the payments are never meted out.

I found this less than fulfilling and it ruined what was working towards a clean finish.
Not worth the time.
The recent talk about Joseph Gordon-Levitt has reminded me of Havoc, a film that went straight to video which I'll try and speak a little about now. Screenwriter Stephen Gaghan attempts to delve into the world of Californian rich teenagers who think they are on top of any type of world, including the dark south central area of the state, where they get themselves into inevitably terrifying incidents.

Havoc consistently fails at capitalizing on some setups that promise an effective outcome throughout. I can't say this is a good film, but it's important for Hathaway because it is the first link for her that helps her approach real acting, and it has now blossomed into more with her recent role in Brokeback Mountain. Gaghan brings an interesting, important premise to the film but it just never fully grabs the viewer, at least in my opinion, and by the end I really didn't care what happened.
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