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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 2004

It's Harry's third year at Hogwarts; not only does he have a new "Defense Against the Dark Arts" teacher, but there is also trouble brewing. Convicted murderer Sirius Black has escaped the Wizards' Prison and is coming after Harry...

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Imdb rating: 7.8

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I really like Sirius Black; He is great to watch.. :)
Gary Oldman is awsome i realy like sirius black
This is my favorite of the 8 films. Very quality not only as a part of the series, but as a stand-alone film. Cheers.
Just click on one of the above links. Though, before you do I suggest getting AdBlock Plus for your PC to stop any annoying pop ups. Also, depending on your internet speed you might find some host sites (clicktoview, putlocker, sockshare, allmyvideos etc., just to name some) buffer while some play without incident. I always look for clicktoview links first as that works best for me.
This is one of the better HP films in relation to both the book and how entertaining it was on screen. The first one to really change things from the book, but they did it in a way that was smooth and kept the overall story intact.
Hope you get sorted out and can watch this.
this is next in my harry potter marathon
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