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Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle 2004

An Asian-American office worker and his Indian stoner friend embark on a quest to satisfy their desire for White Castle burgers...

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Imdb rating: 7.2

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Probably the best out of the 3 for me like, a like it a like it alo.
classic movie very funny!
Good comedy.
I haven't watched this in years. I love it! I remember the first time I watched this I was totally Baked and laughed so hard my ribs and belly hurt for days. Man!! Would I love to be able to do that again. lol
Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
The director is also known for Dude's Where's My Car, Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach.

I recently picked this movie up for four dollars at a Deals along with the directors cut of Natural Born Killers. Both films haven't really aged that well.
I guess I'm a different person now that I was back then. But the movie still has it's moments I don't laugh my ass off like when I first saw it but that always happens to be the case with funny movies. The first time run through it's the funniest then the laughter kind of dies down to a normal level. I haven't seen the third one yet and the second one is hilarious. Just another ordinary pot movie. But that's not a bad thing that is just what this film is a normal pot movie and it's nothing really special like say Cheetch and Chong movies. Now those are really special pot head films. And considering how long ago they were made it's incredible how funny they still are. But just the first few after awhile they started to get stupid. A lot of dick jokes thrown through out the film. This film starts off normal then things get really weird in the middle. It's a long good ride from beginning to end. The racoon gag is good as well as the cheetah ride is awesome. There are a few gay jokes in the beginning. But that should be expected. Loved the Bush shirt first in the first scene. The Katie Holmes comment seeing her boobies is really funny. Even though that jokes seems really dated considering how old the Gift is now. Love all the small cameos by really funny people. The cameos are some of the funnies that I have ever seen. But that should be expected in a film of this ilk. A film that doesn't take it self serious at all. Love the anti marijuana commercial wow now that was really funny. Also loved drawings of the criminals on the loose. I haven't seen this film in years but dam I miss the that time in my life dam this movie was done in 04 wow time just flies by. ;'[
light, wonderful & funny
Eminently re-watchable.
In "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle," Harold(John Cho) has no plans for the weekend except for the reports that have been foisted on him. So, it does not matter that he cannot get up the courage to say anything to his cute neighbor Maria(Paula Garces). His roommate Kumar(Kal Penn) only goes on interviews for medical schools so his father will not disinherit him. Together they get stoned which leads to a serious case of the munchies. In order to satisfy their hunger, they want to eat at a White Castle but the one they remembered in New Brunswick is now closed. Luckily, they are directed by a friendly fast food worker(Anthony Anderson) to another location in Cherry Hill.

While enjoyably silly, "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" has at its roots a very serious anti-drug message that if a person smokes marijuana then he will drive through the night looking for a White Castle which could have detrimental effects on any future children he may have. Actually, I think the film might be going for the opposite interpretation, pushing it seriously into the realm of full length informercials like "Cast Away." The humor is relatively good natured with minimal bodily fluids but too much reliance on gay panic jokes. Since the movie is not meant to be taken seriously, then I should probably not comment that it should not be so hard to find a White Castle in New Jersey(from personal experience, it was not that hard to find one in Ohio) or marijuana on a college campus.

Since it has been four years since the movie was made, the comments about Katie Holmes have dated badly. Strangely enough, Kal Penn is now playing a doctor on "House" which is set in New Jersey.
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
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