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long all these Seagal movies not the ones now but these one when he was/still is bad ass mother

:rotten: 3.00/10
Hard to Kill (1990): 6/10

13%?? no not this movie!!! I gotta hand it to Stevey, he really put it down in this one. Story was average mabey a bit more interesting then usual, but hell better then shitty a$$ storylines like in Exit Wounds. I gotta say he got a lotta points from me with his comically amuzing trainning techniques lol! Especially his recovery hahahah(I rewinded that part like 80 times, especially when hes waving his hands)!! hahah some super heros punch concrete, or train with Metals; Not Steven, hes workin with good ole-fashioned wood hahahah(seriously).
Dont worry though plenty of broken bones and oldie-80s-chicks for you. If you were gonna see a steven seagal movie, THIS is the one you should rent/steal(not buy).

Climactic Battle------------------------- 0.2/10
Comedy------------------------------- 3.0/10

Police Detective Mason Storm (Seagal) and his family are gunned by a crooked cops doing the bidding of an even more crooked politician (Sadler). Emerging from a coma after seven years, Storm trains himself back to health with the help of a kindhearted nurse (Le Brock). He then picks up where he left off--going about blowing open the conspiracy that has now elevated cops and politicians to places of great power, while seeking some revenge along the way.

"Hard to Kill" to one of Steven Seagal's best movies, and it's proof that somewhere along the way his career went off the rails. It's a nicely paced, well-written, and well-acted action film that, while a bit goofy at times, is a great ride. Just don't think too hard during one or two sequences.

Seagal and Le Brock both give some of the best performances of their careers, and the supporting cast does a nice job as well. The fight scenes are mostly well done, and the one-liners uttered by Seagal during the film's climactic orgy of revenge, blood, and ass-kicking are more grim than funny... something that appreciate how that I'm older and wiser.

(Personal sidenotes: Now that I've broken bones and had to have surgery to have them repaired, watching Mason Storm snap people's arms and legs doesn't hold the action-fan appeal they once held. I also found myself feeling sorry that the beautiful house Storm conveleses in is destroyed--I don't know if that's a sign that I'm getting old, or that Tinky Winky has turned me gay!)

If you're a fan of action movies, take a look at "Hard to Kill". It's a far better movie than those who like to use Seagal as a film-critique punching bag would have you believe.

Hard to Kill (aka "Seven Year Storm")
Starring: Steven Seagal, Kelly Le Brock, Frederick Coffin, Charles Boswell, Branscombe Richmond, and William Sadler
Director: Bruce Malmuth

not too bad this has a story and some good action scenes. seagal is not great in the lead but we aren't here for acting. if you enjoy some good action scenes then this is for you, seagal fans will enjoy it the most. some of the plot holes just really hurt this film

Hard to Kill (1990)

Although Seagal is a terrible actor and he's very full of himself, I can't help but enjoy his early action films. They're just so gritty and violent. They may not have the budget of Scharzenegger/Stallone/Willis action movies but they're far more violent. I enjoyed the plot of the movie but I really loved the final twenty minutes.
This is one of my favorite Seagal movies. Actually, it gets a high rating just for the insanely bad but insanely genius line "I'm gonna take YOU to the bank...the BLOOD bank". What makes it even better is that Seagal is alone when he says it. He just says it to the TV. It's the funniest moment in a career that I suspect is not as serious as it appears. There are several points in Seagal's acting career where you must think he's got the best sense of humor. Either that or he's really serious, which makes viewing his movies just sad. I prefer to think of him as the former. At least it makes watching his movies more enjoyable.
"Hard to Kill" is probably Seagal's second most identifiable movie after "Under Siege", and not only because his female co-star is 80's bombshell Kelly LeBrock. He also has a really ridiculous, perfect name. Mason Storm. Well, at least it's not John Everyman, right? It also features Seagal's favorite convention: his friends and coworkers talk about him reverently when he's off camera. It's beautifully dumb dialogue, perfected in "On Deadly Ground".
The premise is also ridiculous, but if you turn off your brain, you can have a lot of fun with this highly enjoyable dumb action movie.
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