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Hannah Montana: The Movie 2009

As Hannah Montana's popularity begins to take over her life, Miley Stewart, on the urging from her father takes a trip to her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee to get some perspective on what matters in life the most...

Release Date:
April 10, 2009
102 min
Peter Chelsom
Emily Osment, Jason Earles, Moises Arias, ...
Drama, Comedy, Romance, ...

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Solar rating: 8


Imdb rating: 4.1

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Really, go watch porno instead. You're better off with that than this crap Hollywood keeps shoving down our throats. This movie blows more than a porn star in an already bad porno. Stick it to Hollywood by boycotting this crap. And the star of this film will probably never go farther other than employment in a whore house.

Really? What's the premise to this? A whore dressed in the ugliest looking wig that has ever been conceived. That's it? This sucks. Don't watch it. You're better off watching Catwoman, Gigli or anything directed by Ed Wood.
The film adaptation of Hannah Montana doesn't seem like it has been made to make a good film, but rather to ride on the success of the TV Series. The humour is girly and doesn't seem to be written as well as they could. The story is totally implausible, and unless you're a young girl, I can't say you'll enjoy watching this film.
(*1/2 out of 4) UHHHHGGGG!!! why was this movie made and why wasn't a TV movie. You can tell I hated it but If your a huge Hannah Montanna Fan and a little girl or some kind of freaky guy that loves hannah montanna then I recommened for you and thats it, Anyone else in the world don't see this only see it for a dollar or on Tv because its nothing you haven't already seen. It clishe and almost riddculos only see it if your a fan of the show of cource the show is better.
Lets get this clear, this is more a special 90 min episode of the TV series than a movie. Im not denying it, I paid to watch it, I enjoyed it. I did so because I wasnt expecting any groundbreaking or innovative story or camerwork or anything whatsoever. Good for watching if there is nothing else, the musical acts are good and Tyra Banks' cameo is priceless.
Though cheesy, it has just enough cuteness to make you smile. Better than I expected - really fed my obsession to be a child. Will be added to the Disney collection, as corny and immature as it makes me.
while im not going to say I truely enjoyed this film,It wasnt bad. I was forced into watching it by my 15 year old sisters. I thought it was kinda cute, and I would watch it over alot of the tween-type movies. Its good.
I've never been a Hannah Montana Fan, but this movie was not too enjoyable. The singing in it was just crap and the story line? I don't even wanna go there. I mean, a teen barbie doll that likes to play rockstar? She's a little old for that. Nice Joke Hannah, but it wasn't funny. And for the people that would rate this 100%, really, think it over. Was it really that great? It was pretty gay if you think about it.
Just delightful.

I'm not a fan of her tunes, but if theres one thing Disney can do- its make a decent movie if they have to. This was a good movie darn it. I dare you to sit through this whole thing with out smiling once. 'Cause no matter how much you dislike hannah montana, you have to remember- "shes just bein 'miley!" and so will you.
I have no idea why I saw this movie but I guess now I have to rate it. Although being a guy and not interested in these types of movie, I gave it a chance. It was also just an average movie to me and could be enjoyable to a lot of people, obviously mostly to the younger crowd. Very average movie with average acting deserves an average rating. Nothing less and nothing more.
As the father of a twean this was required, and frankly painful, viewing. This evaluation surprises me somewhat given that the Cyrus / Disney television program on which this mess is based is the least bad choice among Disney TV offering for this age group. In fact, in a weak moment, I might concede that Miley's often genuine interactions with her father (despite his worse-than-a-mullet haircut) and plots centered around Miley's moral shortcomings coming back to haunt her make the show somewhat substantial and entertaining. Had the movie simply offered up a twice extended episode of the show Disney would have had a fairly watchable movie. Unfortunately the movie reaches for schmaltz and to say something profound about one's roots thereby subjecting us to a decided lack of warmth and humor, uninteresting supporting characters and absurd plot twists ending with the idea that a few thousand Tennesseans will keep Miley's secret. It seemed painfully apparent to me that Cyrus has outgrown her alter ego and hoped this movie would spell the end of her. Unfortunately, Disney characters never really die.
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