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Halloween II 2009

Laurie Strode struggles to come to terms with her brother Michael's deadly return to Haddonfield, Illinois; meanwhile, Michael prepares for another reunion with his sister...

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How can you not love this.....Rob brings depth and dimension to his characters.I love what he is subtly doing for todays' horror and each time he gets better than the last...Rob Rules!
The killings have always been predictable, in every single movie of this type. And you never really find out what drives Michael in the older versions, if I remember right. Atleast not until the later movies which started to suck pretty bad, as they tend to do with this genre once you start surpassing 2 or 3 sequels. In the end it is a remake, and one that I personally enjoyed. If you want to see the original, then watch the original and not the remake since all you seem to want to do it hate on it.
I don't think that he ruined them at all, quite the opposite. In the originals it was basically just hack and slash gore-fest, which has it's place I suppose. In the Rob Zombie versions, however, you get a bit of back story into what actually makes Michael a complete psychopath. Always felt that was something missing in the originals.

this shit is nice


Anything Rob Zombie puts his creativity into ends up insane, but good. This trailer looks like, once again, its going to be sadistic.
boooo! halloween doesn't need to be remade by a rock star!
for the most part the movie was pretty good, and I actually dug the ending with Laurie but what the fuck was up with that Laurie Dream sceen were she is cussing and shit. That was the funniest thing I've seen since Funny People.
this movie is going to b awsome rob zombie takes horror to another level i love that!
Why did you have to take off the mask!

The mask is what kept Michael from feeling human to any degree. He always felt like something demonic with the mask on, nothing remotely human. But, I guess Rob Zombie had to ruin in to the full length of ruining it.

Now to the review:
Halloween 2 could have been an interesting film. It had an interesting premise i guess. But, due to the gratuitus gore, sherri moon's absolutely terrible 'ghost' performance, and just the overall non-scariness of the film itself ruined any chances it could have had.
In the classic Halloween, the unexpectedness of Michael was always the gem of the film. No knowing when he was going to pop up. The tension that built up in all the silence. In this film, you ALWAYS know when he is about to break through a wall(which he did quit often)and it ruined the 'creepy' feeling I always got when watching the classic. Even comparing this to the classic is a shame because it doesn't even hold up well in the horror genre period. All this film is, is constant F bomb's, hackneyed violence, and just plain bad execution.
The only thing i liked about this film was Scout Taylor Compton. Even though she didn't have much to work with, script-wise being that all she really said was F this, F that. But, her performance was nicely done because she had the 'scream' down pretty nicely.
Overall, a terrible film. I guess if it wasn't a reboot it wouldn't get so much flack. But, this is a Zombie film so i wouldn't expect much.
If you like gratuitous language, gore, and just plain violence then this is your type of film.
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