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Hackers 1995

A young boy is arrested by the U.S. Secret Service for writing a computer virus and is banned from using a computer until his 18th birthday. Years later, he and his new-found friends...

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Jonny Lee Miller :) Good film. 8/10
Nothing special. Pretty fake in showing the actual hacking...but I can imagine most people thought it was a realistic depiction of what hacking is like.

Anyways, like I said, nothing groundbreaking, but it was just fun to watch. Had a long day, didin't feel like thinking much. Good escapist fun.
Cold Mountain: I wanted to see this when I saw an in-theater preview for it, but I wasn't so sure about it when everyone started making such a big deal about it. But I rented it anyway. It was good. The acting was amazing, that's definately my favorite thing about it. The plot was good, but without those actors it could have been a disaster. I saw the ending coming, but the movie was SO long. Despite that, I may have gotten a little impatient, but overall, I was very attached/drawn to the plot and the characters.

Mystic River: I really liked this movie. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen for a moment. It was a little frustrating in a few parts (thus the 9 and not a 10) It was so emotional, and it's strange how I felt I understood the emotions of most of the characters. It's the perfect combo of drama, personal story, emotion, and crime story.

Blue Crush: isn't even worth saying anything about. Worst movie I've ever tried to watch. Actually called blockbuster to ask if we could return it and rent another for free because the first 15 minutes were SO bad. (they let us by the way)

Hackers: pretty cool movie... in addition to be cool and fun, it makes an interesting statement regarding hackers and hacking. It may not have a shocking end, but it's definately a fun movie to watch.
Hackers (1995) - "Have you ever hacked a Gibson?"

A group of hackers find themselves the fall guys for a plot by a corporate computer security agent to steal 25 million dollars.
this movie is great

awesome soundtrack.. the film makes computer geeks so COOOL. like, i didn't feel like such a nerd after watching this ;) haha... great performances by miller, jolie, and lillard.. superb. And great dialogue. some hilarious scenes.. really funny moments.. I have this on dvd.. it's one of my faves :)
I have been at work for 16 hours and i have to go back in 10 hours. Yippee
We were missing over 300 movies. Oh well, at least we watched Hackers. Its a tradition, you know. We try and watch it every inventory just to be annoying. It usually works. I love that movie. Johnny Lee Miller is just so hot. I am going to sleep now. Hey!? How was the shopping today?
Why does this movie has such a low rating?It's not that bad from my point of view
i first saw this movie when i was 12 and it made me want to be a computer genuis, and ever seen then i've loved it. i think many reviewers missed the point of the movie, it tried to bring the computer generation into a more public spectrum and hence the significant amount of imagery used in the movie. i ttried to make something that it pretty mundane, exciting and fun.
Totally hokey and ridiculous, but totally entertaining and hilarious. It was weird to see such a young, short-haired Angelina Jolie. Anyway, this movie was really good and I'd recommend it, but I'm sure everyone and their mother has already seen it!
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