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Great Movie!!!!
i loved that movie so sad
Brilliant movie, completely fantastic movie.
It's about friendship, loyalty and ever lasting love.
much sad, so good, wow.
I agree, this is more than a tale about a dog and his owner. It's a tale of friendship, loyalty and honour. I myself have one Akita and 2 Shiba's and when i was in the hospital earlier this year for 3 weeks my mom took care of them. Every morning they would go and sit at the gate entrance because they knew i always came in that way in the morning after my nightshift when my mom had them. After sitting there for 3 hours they went back inside and comforted my mom every day again untill i returned through that gate one morning. Akita's and Shiba's are a special kind of dog and not for every person but if you invest your time and love in them they are the best dogs to have. Just be willing to invest two years and dedicate everything to shape them up and lay down the rules. If your not willing to do that get another breed.

To give an example, every one of my dogs were potty trained in 3 days and never did something inside. I put my own comfort away and every three hours i made sure they were outside to do their business. After three days they let me know when they needed to go.
Great movie! Must watch!!
this movie made cry like a baby, it was such a great movie
@sha777 Why?

what a sweet story. a good for everyone to watch movie

This movie is fated to love the audience. There is all very harmonious: the actors, backdrop, screenplay and of course soundtrack.
Give a "woof" to Hachiko, one of the most lovable, highly enduring doggies of the silver screenie.
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