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Gummo 1997

Lonely residents of a tornado-stricken Ohio town wander the deserted landscape trying to fulfill their boring, nihilistic lives...

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Shooting cats with pellet guns and getting high on glue ... livin the dream.
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Not a completely terrible film, but it's lack of direction destroys any chance of a story.
Korine sucks.

In an odd related twist, I actually saw the beginning of Gummo when I was 12.
I used to take Cello lessons in Boston. My teacher lived in a sort of Women's boarding house.
She had her own apartment with her family, but there were still other people around the upper levels of the building.
Her place was on the ground floor, and the street level was right on Newbury Street.
Anyway, a group of women had movie day every once in a while,
AND I was on a break, because my mom was talking to my teacher about my little brother learning Cello.

So I was upstairs, just hanging around the TV area...
The first scene with Chloe Sevigny, where she's in her bedroom, was the only thing I remembered from this Oddity.

When my mom and my teacher were done talking, my teacher (Margaret) said that I really shouldn't hang upstairs when it's movie day. "They watch some really out there films".

:rolleyes: who would have thought...
I am truly sick. My body aches and my head hurts.
I was going to work on my essay for Columbia, but feel like I'm going to vomit.
I thought this movie was an excellent portrayal of the real people in a real place, and not just a softened up version socially acceptable by the media and the masses. I thought it was similar to the film Korine helped write, Kids, but with the exception of a scenery change from urban to rural. I loved the way it had a documentary feel and look. Some parts were, admittedly a little boring but they still contributed to the overall theme of the film.

so far above and beyond sick and wonder ohio is the butt of so many jokes. the kind of people that actually enjoy this movie and the type to look up donkey/human porn on google. racist, sexist, nilihistic and totally empty. run away as fast as you can, this movie has not one intelligent thing to offer.
I first watched this film when I was a kid myself and I was shocked at how the lives of kids were portrayed. The film is very realistic and sometimes depressing as you watch kids throw their lives away by taking drugs, hanging out and having unprotected sex. The film is low budget and its unique documentary style makes the film even more gritty and the script by Harmony Korine should be commended because it is very accurate. Due to the film using unknown actors at the time the film makes more of an impact, which adds to the controversy. The film features good performances from Chloe Sevigny and the late Justin Pierce. I recommend this film to every parent in the country so they can realise the true extent of the lives of kids. As for Gummo this is an awesome and rarely told American story, the story of middle America and the plight of its inhabitants. Anyone looking for a backwoods expose will be very pleased. The characters that inhabit Xenia, Ohio are richly grotesque and the cinematography is first rate. Chloe Sevigny is a bombshell as usual and gives a great performance. The soundtrack largely comprised of black metal music is very appropriate and perhaps the most fitting to accompany the material within. Personally I found some of the sound quality to be rather poor and subsequently had a hard time understanding a good bit of the dialogue so I lowered my score to a seven. Recommended.
1/2 / *****

VISITOR Q (2002)

alright about DISTURBING. holy crap. but really...what did i expect from the derranged imagination of takashi miike? here he gives us his take on reality television with what is quite possibly the most dysfunctional family you will ever see. i mean, the film starts with a father having sex with his daughter and ends with him having sex with a corpse. hmm. like with other miike films though, you can't help but laugh at how completely absurd things are. i didn't like this one quite as much as ichi the killer, but if you like miike it's probably worth a view.
The title line above is from a movie poster for Roger Corman's "Teenage Doll", about a female street gang. Another poster for it reads: "Too Young to Be Careful... Now It's Too Late to Say 'No'." It's a decent flick ostensibly about how the breakdown of society and the family unit fuels teenage rebellion and leads to gangs and crime.

Or whatever.

Really it's about hot chicks and flashy violence. The "socially redeeming value" part is just some crap you stick in there to try and fool the censors, and maybe a couple critics. And Corman was/is brilliant at it. But he might not be a match for Larry Clark, maker of "Kids", "Gummo", and "Bully", the last of which I just watched today. Corman's movies played in drive-ins and dive theaters; Clark's films play in the art houses.

Both "Kids" and "Bully" (and to a lesser extent "Gummo", which was actually kind of about it's characters, and actually kind of rad) are about teenagers set adrift by complacent middle-class parents into a world all their own filled with drugs and kicks and many, many, many shots of Chloe Sevingy and Rachel Miner completely naked. And of course, how could one even begin to illustrate the complex, dystopian lives of pleasure-hungry rejects from the consumer superstructure without lots of bouncing tits and firm young asses? Checkmate, MPAA.

The only real difference between Corman's earliest work and Clark's is that forty or so years have gone by. You can get away with more ass in a movie now, but you've got to be sneakier. You can't just stick a lascivious
headline on a pulpy looking poster and call it a day. Now you need to base you movie on a "true" (or even a "really, really true") story (like "Bully") or add a warning to parents like at the beginning of "Kids". (Parents, of course, were the primary target audience for that movie. Uh-huh. Yeah.)

I've known kids as dumb as the ones in Clark's movies, kids whose only interests were the fullfillment of lusts, who seemed more animal than human in their single-minded determination to be high and laid at all times. I might be tempted to say that they were too boring to make a movie about, but of course everyone has their story. Some critics seem to think that Larry Clark is telling it, which is the only thing I'm objecting to.

If you want to see a good art movie about immoral stoners who kill somebody, watch "The River's Edge". If you want to see Brad Renfro humping about a million times, watch "Bully". Or, as my friend Ross is always saying about movies like this, you could just rent a porno.
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