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Grown Ups 2010

After their high school basketball coach passes away, five good friends and former teammates reunite for a Fourth of July holiday weekend...

Release Date:
June 25, 2010
102 min
Dennis Dugan
Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Blake Clark, ...

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Solar rating: 8.1


Imdb rating: 6

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Good sunday night movie. Actual lol'd in some parts. 7.5
hahahaha, and shift.... are we all looking at the tree right now. HILARIOUS !! I had asthma as a kid 30 years ago, and it got back cause I couldn't stop laughing.
Had a bad day and this movie had me laughing so loud my neighbors heard me. 10/10 Great movie! :D
Good Movie.
i enjoyed this very very much ... if ya wanna good laugh then i suggest u give it a watch like i did ...
cant belive i havent seen this yet looks really good think im gonna watch this soon has great cast
Didn't think much of it when it came out but finally decided to see it today. Maybe I'll see part two in theaters this time around. Adam Sandler still makes funny movies with his production company. Great ensemble cast loved the amount of great actors cast being (the men in this film as well as the woman.)Wow great cast also wanna see the second one to see another film shot with the infamous "Red Camera", Pacific Rim is another film that I was see this summer and as I plan on purchasing a red camera in like five years time!!!!!!;']

very nice feelgood movie

LOL!! love this movie one off the best movies i've seen :)

One of the best movies I've seen all Summer! It's great and really funny. I would definitely recommend it, you won't regret watching it. It really shows the meaning of family and friends.


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