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Grosse Pointe Blank 1997

Martin Blank is a professional assassin. He is sent on a mission to a small Detroit suburb, Grosse Pointe, and, by coincidence, his ten-year high school reunion party is taking place there at the same time...

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An oldie, but GOLDIE!!!!

John Cussak, Dan Aykroyd, Jeremy Piven, Joan Cusack and Minnie Driver at the heart of this epic film.

-All of the actors are wonderful, especially Joan Cusack as John's office manager and the person who needles him into going to his reunion and rejoining the human race. Dan Akyroyd is also a hoot.

-Everything works in this movie. It's a black comedy/screwball romance/action flick with subtle, clever dialogue, cool music and beautiful scenery. It is completely irreverent, but hopeful and life-affirming, as well. Often mistaken as completely morbid, the film takes on not only a tone of humor, but that of vengeance and morality. You must see this film.
-This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love it when people who have an odd skill/life are thrust into common everyday situations and have no clue what they are doing. Exceptional at such and such, failing at everyday life.
-Best line of the whole regards to a high school reunion- "It's as if everybody swelled"
Aw! Thank you BJ for posting this! That means alot. =)
@yvonne, thanks for the recommendation to revisit this romantic comedy about a paid killer attending his 10 year high school reunion. Quite enjoyable from start to finish.
This is, by far, one of the funniest films i had seen. I've re-watched this flick and it never gets old to watch. I consider this Cusack's best role to date. The ensemble of actors, the dialog make this a top notch film from beginning to end. You won't regret watching it!
This is an all time must see John Cusack romantic comedy. You won't believe it, but the fight scene is probably the most realistic fights that i have ever seen in my intire movie life. Driver isn't an actress that i like, as a matter afact i think i hate her!! But anyhow in this movie she seems like a great funny character and has the personality of a girl i'd like to meet.

I"m a professional killerReunions, hahahVery, Very, Very Funny! That's three very peoplethere is action, comedy, drama, and romance sortaThis is one of the best John Cusack movie, along with High FidelityGun scenes isn't much, but the fight with the Ghoul is awesomeif you haven't seen this movie, then get your ass out of that chair and go to Blockbuster or where ever you rent movies and buy it
So, uh, reason to believe the other half of this little shitbag misery maker I have going on is in much pain and suffering. Good. She's deserving it.

Man, I was listening to this hot ass album by The Postal Service. "This Place Is A Prison" is, in my own thoughts, everything that Benjamin Gibbard is capable of, perfected. It's such an amazing song! I've had this album for how long? And I'm just now discovering this? I guess that's the beauty of music. and drugs.

So like, there's this guy out on my porch. I guess he's putting a floor in it or something. I can't really be myself right now. This is strange. I feel all awkward and what not. OH WELL, life goes on, I must say.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but we're all aware of the John Cusack rule, right? That rule that states that romantic comedy natured films should be assumed to suck ass unless Mr. Cusack is present, which gives it like a 75% better chance of not only being good but great (Hugh Grant may be sneaking into this role as well). Like most things it probably comes down to subject matter and the fact that Cusack generally makes his films about music obessed individuals helps, but I like to think he just has a special gift. When it comes to the great showing of this rule I point to 2 films I find inseperable: Grosse Point Blank and High Fidelity.

Grosse Point Blank finds our hero as a hit man who is afraid to face his past. When a job takes place around his home town at the same time as the 10th Anniversary of his High School Graduation he decides to finally face down his lost love, whom he stood up on prom night and has ran from ever since. What he finds is that he's still in love with the girl and she may be with him, but he's got one problem: he wants out of the hit man game, but at the same time has 3 of his own kind taking aim at him. To make matters worse he'll end up having to project the man he was sent to kill. I'm a big Minnie Driver fan and she's great as the love interest here. So it's the cliched realization of life's worth through run-ins with people from your past...but with hit men activity throughout. A lot of great music use again and the obligatory witty dialogue.
Finally watched 'Grosse Pointe Blank'. Loved it. Great characters, great dialogue...and brilliant staging. I mean, each scene was well set up and worked perfectly with the writing of the rest of the movie. And the soundtrack is just another touch of greatness. They even used the slow and grossly underplayed version of "Let My Love Open The Door To Your Heart" (Pete Townshend)! The movie gets a thumbs up just for that right there! This may make my "must own" list. I might hafta watch it again though.

Alright, let's get to the good stuff...


Good enough, an odd combination of comedy and violence, but it works for the most part.
After 3 hellish nights of work in a row, it was so nice to have these last couple of days off. I turned them into a movie extravaganza. Throw in a pizza, the Who's the Boss marathon, a meatball sub and some mozzarella stix and you got yourself a weekend. And here we have the reviews

All the Real Girls - so absolutely slow-moving....but not quite boring. Scenes develop and while some do go nowhere, you get to learn about the characters and not every sentence is plot exposition. Many will turn this off before the halfway mark but I liked it. Good performances and a few unforgettable sequences, especially the finale. It isnt spoiling anything to reveal that its about teaching a dog how to swim who is reluctant to get in the water. 7/10

Heathers - one of the darkest movies I have ever seen. I cannot believe that it played in 1989, a movie like this would have a hard time making it to theaters today! That being said, it is also witty and interesting with teenagers that seem pretty realistic. I was a little disturbed by it, but I think that may have just been the point. 7/10

The Station Agent - I think you all know of my boundless affection for this movie and I need to go no further. 10/10

Grosse Pointe Blank - such a well-written movie. Too bad its broken up by brutal violence. I had a lot more fun with the high school reunion stuff than the hit man stuff. Dan Akyroyd has a lot of fun with his supporting role and John Cusack does his usual. Jeremy Piven is also a riot. The movie has a real original feel to it even 7 years after its release. I hadnt seen it in a while but now I am grateful to own it. Thank you Best Buy 3 for $20 sale

Finally theres The Big Lebowski

I saw the first 45 mins or so back in 2001. I enjoyed it but it did not make that much of an impression on me. This time was a whole different story. Great movie. I laughed so hard it hurt, especially at John Goodman. His character is the best of the whole movie and one of the most memorable of all time. This is one of the most quotable movies of all time and I could put up an away message with a different one every day. Such an amazing flick. The Coen Bros have made some terrific movies (Fargo, Miller's Crossing) but this is my favorite. Jeff Bridges redefines the way I have always seen him, cameos aplenty. The tone of this movie and the way it jumps from character to character to different random situations with no regard for plot or anything like that....while still managing to tell a (somewhat) coherent story. GENIUS....absolute genius 10/10
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