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Gridiron Gang 2006

Teenagers at a juvenile detention center, under the leadership of their counselor, gain self-esteem by playing football together...

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Really good Movie.

thx alot tuebrook13

can someone please put up a putlocker would be great, greetings from sweden XoXo

So, I got to go see Gridiron Gang last night. My wife and I had LOW expectations, and were plesently surprised. The movie was the standard team sports movie as all the other reviewers have said. The only things I can add which haven't been said:

I liked how they threw in comments about what the kids were there for so that you knew that they deserved their punishment.

I did not like the religiously based profanity, expecially from the coach. He should be above that.

The documentary footage at the end was great to see. The real coach does kinda look like the Rock.

Filming into the glowing sun two games in a row was kinda cheesy.

The dialog felt like a kids disney sports movie. It was like they decided it was too cheesy, so they threw in a bunch of cussing to try to fix it. Sorta worked I guess.

All and all, it was acceptable, and nothing special.

Gridiron Gang, a football felon movie based of a football felon documentary of the same name made thirteen years ago. That documentary was made up of a bunch of punk kids who happened to be good at stabbing people and throwing a ball. Gridiron Gang is also a big clich
Former-wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is back on screen, this time setting aside action heroics for the wise mentor role, a football coach, in Phil Joanou's (Final Analysis, State of Grace, U2: Rattle and Hum, Three O'Clock High) return to feature-length filmmaking, the "based on a true story" Gridiron Gang. Johnson, an ex-linebacker for the University of Miami, turned his athletic skills to good use when he became a professional wrestler. After half a decade as a fan-favorite wrestler, Johnson segued into an acting career (e.g., The Scorpion King, The Rundown, Walking Tall, Doom, the upcoming Spyhunter). Johnson's charismatic, costume-free wrestling persona made it relatively straightforward for him to transition out of wrestling and into action films. Which brings us back to Gridiron Gang.

Sean Porter (Johnson), a senior counselor at Camp Kilpatrick, a juvenile detention center in Los Angeles County, hopes to find something, anything that can help the teenagers under his charge escape adult prison or premature, violent death. Most of the detention center's teenagers come from rough, poverty-stricken areas. Many, if not most, are gangbangers. All looks bleak until Porter, a former footballer, hits on the idea of putting together a high school-level football team drawn from Camp Kilpatrick's teenagers. With the support of another counselor, Malcolm Moore (Xzibit), takes his plan to his superiors, Paul Hira (Leon Drippy) and Ted Dexter (Kevin Dunn), who immediately express reservations about Porter's plan, especially since Porter wants the football team to play a full schedule against local high school teams.

Porter has just four weeks to whip his new recruits into shape. To succeed, he needs star players. Willie Weathers (Jade Yorker) has the potential to become a great running back, but he has to overcome a violent, traumatic past, the presence of rival gangbangers at the detention center, and his own self-doubts. His girlfriend, Danyelle (Jurnee Smollett), has also rejected him. Porter fills out his team with Leon Hayes (Mo), a quarterback, Junior Palatial (Setup Taase), a fullback, and Kenny Bates (Trever O'Brien), a wide receiver/defensive back. Porter also has to deal with his mother's terminal illness just as the center's football team, now dubbed the Mustangs, begins to succeed (after multiple setbacks, of course).

Although Gridiron Gang is based on a documentary about the real-life Porter and his success as a football coach and mentor (footage from the documentary are interspersed throughout the end credits), it still follows the sports drama clich
Hey! this was probably one of my favorite movies of all time now. I saw it in a screening, and fell in love with it.

Not only does it really hit home with the locations and the people, the story is something we hear about, everyday; Gangs, violence, crimes...etc.

It wouldn't surprise me at all to see this film nominated several times.

I had the pleasure of also meeting two of the actual guys who this film was based on (from the Kilpatrick team). One of the guys was so happy and emotional that his dream about the struggle with being such a bad kid, growing up in a gang, constantly fighting, and then trying to come together to make a football team, will give other kids awareness of the gang situation made him so happy. He cried most of the time. It really touches me to see someone cry from such hard work that paid off. What a wonderful feeling that is.

But besides that- The rock was very good, good comic relief. Xzibit didn't say much or do much, but he's awesome no matter what. Lots of comic relief in this film, but not so much where its even close to corny. The cinematography was FANTASTIC, i would be thrilled to see them get an award for breath taking cinematography.

Everything just worked very well/ very smooth, in conjunction to the story, and how strongly they stuck to the original documentary. The acting was also extremely amazing. Each character, was fantastic and connected well with the actual people they were portraying.

This is definitely not like any football movie you will ever see. Because the violence is probably the closest you will get to seeing the real deal. And the emotions you will feel, is REAL. You will definitely, Laugh, cry, scream with horror, get the chills, and cheer with your soul.

If i had more thumbs id give this a definite 10 thumbs up ;)
I wirte a better review of the movie when it comes out. I do not want to tell anything aboput the movie. Really good film. the Rocks best film to date.
Gridiron Gang is very inspiring! It'll go down as one of the classic sports movies! A Must See!
This movie was really emotional and very good..
If ya smelllllll what the rock is cookin..
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