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Green Lantern 2011

Reckless test pilot Hal Jordan is granted an alien ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers that inducts him into an intergalactic police force, the Green Lantern Corps...

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It is not bat at all, I cannot understand why it did not get more attention.
Yes, it is also not brilliant, or particularly original.
The hero finally kisses the girl, and instead keeping kissing her like any normal person would do, he must go fighting the evil. It would be refreshing if once they would do this differently.
And the big fight of the top bad guy vs the hero was also disappointing.
As some other things which make question the intelligence of the supposed super intelligence and wisdom of the immortal guardian.
But, it has got its positive things.
For example, I have always thought that Green Lantern was a looser among the Super Heroes. But now I find interesting that there is this theme of the Will.
Other superheroes are just, boosted.
Hulk, boosted by the radiations. Superman, advantage on Earth because coming from a different planet, but a Mr. nobody on his planet probably.
Thor, yeah, a warrior also on his planet, but strong here just because, well, coming from there.
All superheroes are just lucky to have some special condition.
But Green Lantern, although needing the ring and the lantern, can only work well if his will is strong.
And this makes thing interesting.
I hated him as much as I can hate anything, in all DC Comics animated movies, because too much childish and talks too much and is just annoying.
But Reynold made him nicer.

I think it would be cool to have a second part.
This was perfectly fine. I swear critics are bought sometimes. What is in the kool aid.
10/10 This is my favorite superhero film! I love the message. It's pure, it's simple and it's real. This is a DVD to own. Plus, if you love creatures, this film won't disappoint. :)
@ alx_ I have to agree with you the first time I watched I was like Ehhh, then better each time after. I just can't picture Cooper as the Green Lantern. Nah! I can't do it lol
rumer was when this movie and the a team were about to be made ryan reynolds and bradly cooper were both up for the parts of hal jordan ,face ,tho thay both played there parts well but i cant help but think both movies would have been a little better if it had gone the other way ,reynolds is face(as anyone whos seen van wilder knows)and i think cooper would have suited this movie better.
I absolutely loved him in 9's. It was strangely unique, just how I love my movies. I have a huge man crush on Ryan Reynolds anyway so I try to watch everything he is in lol! Thank you Solar for posting a section just for him ;)

I agree with everything you said Just. I've come to expect the first movie about a super hero to be full of uninteresting blather lol. I guess because I didn't see an hd copy of the movie when it first came out (Thank you Solar!) I didn't notice all the digital flaws. I too have seen it about three times, but now that I have a 42"LCD HD TV BLu-Ray capable tv, I might just have to check out these little CGI bugs! Thanks for post and I'll be readying my popcorn for a second like yourself if it comes out!
Not sure why the media is saying this was a bad movie. I thought it was just fine and I'd certainly watch the 2nd one if made. was a little lame...

Great movie..and WOW.. never thought Green could look so good lol

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