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Grease 1978

Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. But when they unexpectedly discover they're now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance...

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I just love that one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a classic movie.Love the 50's,everything about it.Takes you back to the good old drive-in days.The best transformation of Sandy from good to bad girl..Loved It!!! And John Travolta was perfect as Danny~Great Entertainment for a pick me up day :)
I so love this movie. I watched it almost every day as a child. YAY!
I like the movie Grease, but John Travolta is just annoying. I mean, he is a really good actor and everything, but I don't like his chin or his attitude:p Orlando Bloom rocks

I love this movie i watch it over and over! The characters were perfect and so was the story line....Has anyone seen the broadway remake! i was just involved in it and it is 10 times better then the original!
"Grease" is my all time favorite film. It's amazing how well done this movie was made and still being 26 years later after it was made it's still known and loved. It's a very enjoyable musical that will make you laugh and watch it over and over. The songs are beautiful and fun. Hey it made me wanna get up and dance(lol). The cast is incredible. The DVD has great resolution to it and brings a 20 year aniversarry interview with the cast and the director. If you haven't seen this movie then get up, get your car keys and drive to blockbuster and rent it cause i recommend that you'll love it. Not garantied but it's a recommendation. If i could i would rate this movie a 20/10 but i guess RT doesn't let me do that so i'll have to stick to the original rating. 10/10!
As I have said earlier, I don't like musicals all that much. I have a soft spot for three (Moulin Rouge, The Music Man, and Annie), but after those the rest are kind of mind boggling. Enter Grease...

What's the moral of Grease?

Lower your standards and become a whore so you can have a big finale?
Strange film...
Once Footloose ended, as I'm backing up VCD files w/ my DVD burner, I just enjoyed 'Grease' on VH1. A film I don't believe i've watched start to finish ever (at least the last decade or so). I always like a good musical, combine that with the grease laden stylings of 1950s juvenile delinquency, and I'm sold... (although I have to say, some of the background choreography in this film is absolutely horrific.... having a seizure isn't dancing!

As far as I'm concerned John Travolta is the star of the century! I still can't believe he disappeared (relatively) in the 80s... Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Blow Out, Kotter, etc and then like only 4 movies between 1981 and 1989... much like the lost years Tyson was in prison or Elvis was in the Army... what a loss to human kind! :D
When I think John Travolta - I think Grease. I've got the soundtrack on CD and I just adore playing it after I get out of the shower. I would like nothing more than to perform in a version of Grease as Sandy. Or Rizzo - that whore. I've got all the songs down pat and - I just love the movie! However, Grease 2 sucked. Then again... it was pretty fuckin' hilarious!
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