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Grave Encounters 2011

For their ghost hunting reality show, a production crew locks themselves inside an abandoned mental hospital that's supposedly haunted - and it might prove to be all too true...

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Solar rating: 7.8


Imdb rating: 6.1

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Really good! For beeing a "found tape" movie it works and a good script and good actors. Some really scary scenes that sticks after the movie.

I watched it during the night. That was a misstake :)

This is one of the best horror/scary motion picture I've ever seen by far, I remembered watching this probably more than 2 years ago and now I've watched it again still the same 'makes you piss your pants fright' feeling I felt pro'ly more than 2 years ago.
O-M-G one of the scariest movies I've seen in a LONG time. Starts out slow then you're left feeling every bit of the nightmare they're in. WOW
I made it the 45 min mark....A few times it seemed to be on the verge of something scary....Only to be let down....Finally got tired of the camera guys whining and shut it down...This movie suxs....well at least the 1st 45 min...
Indeed a rather slow start but still have to say this one is prob my fav paranormal/found footage style movie of recent memory if your a fan of the genre it should definitely hold your interest 7/10
Good movie to watch at night! muhahahah
Surprisingly good mocumentary/found footage film. Funny and genuinely creepy ghost story. Very entertaining from beginning to end with some good scares. 9.5/10

Good movie.. got better towards the end, slow start but had a couple of good scares in it :)

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