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Wow this was...Something else. I loved how he said it how he saw it to anyone that walked his way. The fact he was able to make Hmong into a better man.
I love his character. Equal opportunity bigot lol. Sounds like me.
classic Clint Eastwood - the dude can sure throw our Racial slurs with grace lol
excellent movie, get off my lawn fish heads haha
You will laugh You will cry this movie will hold your emoticons it is Wonderful !! Every one needs to watch this movie .. I love it. 8/10
Who ever made this movie salute a big message everyone should see what life really is
If you haven't seen this movie, you need to. I'm commenting for the second time ever on a movie. This is a real piece of magic. 10/10
Simply wonderful!
Amazing film choked up watching end, says alot about families and also how people can change their views and bring out best in a person, down as one of my fav films now.
Don't be so sure of that. I've been in situations where I've had family coming to me at work to get posessions of a deceased family member, and it's "I want the TV" "I get the computer" "I want mom's silverware" "The china cabinet is mine, don't even think about it" .... It's really sad, but it gets ugly.
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