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Gothika 2003

A repressed female psychiatrist wakes up as a patient in the asylum where she worked, with no memory of why she is there or what she has done...

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wow wonderful story Great Cast ! enjoyable movie 8/10

Saw it for free, my lil' cuz hooked me up. A by-the-books thriller that starts off promising and just goes down a spiral of cliche after cliche. Berry throws the "not crazy" fiasco a bit overboard one to many times. Gothika also contains one of the biggest plot holes this year. See if you can spot it.

It's not a Gigli... it's just not that good. Glad it was free.

*1/2 /****

Hey. This is the journal of a gurl who is going through life taking the long hard roads with no other choices. I am an extremely, but not overly opinionated person. I like to be heard almost as much as I like to listen.If you are looking for a second opinion on ANYTHING or haven't made one of your own, this is a good place to start.I'm completely open to giving advice.Hope everyone enjoys this, and finds it helpful in some way!;)
As promised, here is my The Cat in the Hat review. I was generous and gave it a "D" because I liked it's set designs, but don't be fooled by my easiness. This movie is akin to something a cat might have left in a litterbox.

There's not much to say about this except it sucks. Terrible plot, terrible script, even the acting is weak. I would not recommend this to horror fans, Berry fans, Cruz fans, suspense fans, or bad movie fans. I would only recommend this for horror movie music fans, there's the real star of the show.
I will see

Rating to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So. I've seen it. I liked it. I don't understand why there are SO MANY bad reviews of it on RT! Those bad reviews steered me away from seeing it the weekend it was released. That's ok though, I'm glad I saw Master and Commander. I like ghost stories. This one wasn't so bad. The audience jumped a few times as well. I don't mean the person sitting next to me. I mean the entire audience. Not me of course ;) I know better than to not expect anything in silent moments. The theatre was packed. Good sign for a second weekend for a movie that's supposedly bad. Guess word of mouth on this one is stronger than review rating. Everyone I know that has seen it has said it's a good movie. You can now add me to that bunch.
Again calamity comes to my house. My daughter's boyfriend has lied to me so many times I can hardly keep track of the score or for that matter his story. I have finally forbid his presents in my home. Of course I'm on the outs with my daughter about this.

She keeps talking about how her boyfriend keeps losing the people that are trying to help him, Hmmm wonder why. I just hope she doesn't get hurt too badly when she finally finds out about what he's really like.

Enough of my family life. Today "Gothika". Pretty creepy and one good twist But Charles Dutton married to Hally Berry, that's a little hard to believe. And a physiatrist Sitting on the floor crying "why me, why me" was bit out of character. And can someone tell me how does the title "Gothika" relate to this movie at all? This movie is watch able in a "B" movie kind of way. Think about it too long and you'll scratch a hole in the top of your head.
It doesn't make much sense and the ending's kinda ridiculous, but it is very scary. I actually yelled something and jumped during one scary scene. Kinda embarrassing. I knew it was coming too, but damn... I always admire filmmakers with skill, and this film was skillfully done, in terms of delivering scares.
Here are the first and last paragraphs from my report on Gothika...meh

Matthieu Kassovitz's Gothika (2003), a film of great actors and a great story, turned out to be not so great. I went in to the theater with high expectations, although I probably should not have, and left the theater wondering why I had forked over $8 and waited an hour and a half to see the next available, not sold out showing, when I could have easily been just as satisfied, if not more, by the likings of Elf (Jon Favreau, 2003) or Bad Santa (Terry Zwigoff, 2003). None the less, Gothika held its own against most other Dark Castle productions and actually carried a few real horror film conventions.

blah blah, cinematography, blah blah, african american female lead actress, blah blah, sound, special effects, blah blah...

All in all, I have come to the conclusion that Dark Castle Productions needs to either stay in the b-movie market with b-movie actors, or just let Warner Brothers do all of the work. Gothika was far below par, and I actually suffered from boredom at some points. As John Venable from would say, "It's cable-riffic!"
what a predictible piece of crap, and what was with the girl being on fire. the only reason i can think of is because the guy had a tatoo of a girl on fire anf for some reason the victim decided to transfer it to herself or somethin its just stupid trying to figure it out.
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