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Goodfellas 1990

Henry Hill and his friends work their way up through the mob hierarchy...

Release Date:
September 21, 1990
146 min
Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro, Frank Sivero, Tony Sirico, ...
Drama, Thriller, Crime, ...

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Solar rating: 9.3


Imdb rating: 8.7

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Very cool, however not for the faint-hearted, great acting, another scorcese masterpiece.

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a Gangster.

this movie is overrated

What a movie. I hadn't seen it in a while and was reminded once again of how good it was. From the direction of Scorsese to the musical score to the cast, everything was excellent.
I disagree with those who say there is no character to sympathize with: Henry Hill was a good guy who just got corrupted by that myth that is created around gangsters.
I have decided that it was high time I watched the above movies. ...As you may tell my favourite was Deliverance. Athough dated, this movie was wonderful. I loved the subtle banjo on the soundtrack [not unlike the subtle and the unshaking realism..It was all so believable.

Midnight Cowboy was dated also, as is to be expected..But I was mainly viewing it for research..Lighting/camera angles etc..And I was not disappointed. The camera work was amazing.

Goodfellas was not to be missed either...The backbone as it were, of all modern 'gangster' movies. Jolly marvellous.

Anywho, that's all for now. I have 'East of Eden' to watch.

Goodnight all.
I just happened to click on Angelo Mike's profile as he was reporting a post from Tangelo Mike. I very much hope Tangelo doesn't get banned. :mad:
I don't like the time this movie plays in that much. But oh well. There's De Niro. There's Ray Liotta (and other cool "gangsters"). Great and classic.
Just starting to add old rates from when I first started rating movies. I'll just do 5 a day until I finish.
Scorsese's best, An that's tough when you have to compare to such masterpeices as Raging Bull. Liotta and Pesci are amazing as young hoods growing to become America's worst nightmare. But as usual It's de Niro who totaly steals the show! The pace is expertly handled over it's almost 3 hour running time. the story is so well told you actualy feel part of the crew, as the whole gangster life is portrayed as real as realistic can be. Goodfellas is my all-time top 10 topper, an If yo watch it you will realise why.
Another brilliant gangster movie directed by Scorsese, and build on the novel Wiseguy written by Nicolas Pileggi. The acting is superb especialy Robert De Niro and the always hilariuos Joe Pesci is a strong team, but also Ray Liotta as the young Henry is doing a really good job. Overall it's a must if you like violence and - as I - think that Joe Pesci is absolutely the best gangster actor of them all...
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