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A funny film with Joe Pesci and Danny Glover playing two dumb friends going fishing. Around a 7'ish out of 10. The scene with Pesci spitting at the bad guy but missing struck my funny bone.
It's been awhile, but I remember liking this.
Joe Pesci and Danny Glover are teamed up in a desperate attempt to cash in on their success from the "Lethal Weapon" franchise. This beleaguered slapstick comedy is the cinematic equivalent of spending a long day on the lake and hooking only a tire, a rubber boot, and a tin can.

Who the hell greenlighted this one. Pesci and Glover are both fantastic actors and should be ashamed for doing this film, doesnt matter how much $$$ you were offered did you read this drivel of a script. Completely unfunny and seriously lacking every element a film needs...
I can't belive all the negative comments i've been reading about gone fishin. i don't think anyone set out making this film to be a masterpiece or a oscar winner , the whole point of this film is to put a smile on your face simple as that and if any of you can sit there and watch it without breaking a smile you need to stop watching movies and get out more , it's a nice, chilled out , lazy days film and i for one am 100% behind it because it's one of those films that after a hard day i can watch and it brings a smile to my face , so if anyone thinking of watching this film has been put off by these losers my advice to you is if you have a sence of humor watch it , it's by no means a classic but it'll brighten up a dull rainy day.
This catch-and-release classic will have you splitting seems right from the get go. Get ready to join Joe Waters(Pesci)and Gus Green(Glover) as they reel in a little more than they bargained for. Nominated for over 15 Academy Awards, Gone Fishin' showcases quintessential Pesci and timeless Glover as the two create a truly timeless classic, a masterpeice of modern cinema. Certainly a movie that contains the defining roles for both actors is not one you want to miss!!! (Cameo by Willie Nelson included)
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