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Gert Frobe's villain is perfect. So is his henchman, Oddjob. Connery gives his second best performance as Bond (right behind "Russia"). This film served as the template for all future 007 films (until "Casino Royale") with its structure. Unfortunately, it also marked the end of it being a Cold War spy series ("The Spy Who Loved Me" aside).
I hope Sean Connery stays in all the films, because it doesn't get much better than this.
The Fountain ..... 7.4/10
There's some real passion in this movie, losing the love of your life, but when it turns to Jackman in a full-screen sob, my gut reaction was 'not in my face!' Which was too bad as this movie could've been a lot better with some adjustments. It has great FX, the kind of computer work that movies ought to have more of instead of the mostly stupid monster/icky blob/zombie stuff. Best on a big screen.

Death Proof..... 8.1/10
No attempt was made for this to be Tarentino's best movie. Its just as described originally in its Grindhouse release; A no BS serve-em-up and cut-em-off action/thriller. Complete with plenty of flesh revealed or somehow suggested, it has some of the best car stunt work done lately. Just ask Stuntman Mike!

The Straight Story..... 8.4/10
Farnsworth came out of retirement to make this, his last movie, driving 100s of miles along the highway on a lawnmower to see his estranged brother. The acting makes all the difference, and the story can be poignant at times. Sissy Spacek is amazing.

Goldfinger............ 9.6/10
Possibly the best JB movie. Bond is at the top of his one-liner game, so what the hell. With Odd Job, Pussy Galore and of course the Q's Secret Agent Aston Martin on board, who the hell cares if it really makes sense to load a 3 ton piece of scrap metal onto a 1/4 ton runabout? Get Smart lifted all the spy gizmos right off the screen, and out of JB's shoe!
Out of all the James Bond films this is still my favorite (Casino Royale is a close second).
Goldfinger is great, In Good Company was entertaining, The Omen was mediocre, and pass on both An American Haunting and Alpha Dog
Mind-blowing. James Bond 3 takes on a start, as a man who hates to win card games, gets his gold/money company, Fort Knox/or bank, to turn anything he wants into gold. When Bond goes on a romantic date, it ends up with a little oh-yeah boom-boom, but when Bond is knocked out, he returns to the bed to find that the woman is dead, covered in solid gold. Now, to stop this mastermind criminal from turning the world into a golden embassy, the U.S. army fakes their gassical knock out from Goldfinger's mastermind plan, International Grand Slam. I love this series.
An okay third installment! A great villain!

GOLDFINGER: Every bit as good as the last Bond outing, From Russia with Love. It's endlessly entertaining, plus Pussy Galore (yes, that's really her name) and Oddjob make a great Bond girl and villian.
Merry Christmas with Bondfreak - Episode 3

Yes its that time. Somehow they have managed to top the previous one yet again. Breaking box office records for its time and becoming the icon for both Bond and the spy genre alike, Goldfinger is nothing short of a miraculous chapter in the Bond franchise. Its the crown jewel and the best in the entire series hands down.

Sean Connery has never been better in this movie. It just seems so effortless for him and he was the guy who had it all in the 1960s, what a decade that must have been for him. And of course the whole cast returns with the classic mission briefing from M, to the always flirtatious encounters with Monneypenny, simply awesome to watch. But Goldfinger does something different as well, it adds a new depth to the women of the film.

In Goldfinger, the women are not simply some bimbos like the previous two films, they are now dangerous, witty and can get Bond into a lot of trouble. Or in the case of the naked gold lady on the bed, Bond can get them into trouble. Amazingly the gold lady on the best was done for real with a real person, leaving a small part of open skin so that her skin wouldn't suffocate. It a classic and horrifying shot, and the eerie music that comes in over it, makes it a beautiful and haunting picture. Then we have Pussy Galore. Yes that's her actual name and it also started the trend of women's names with sexual innuendos in Bond pictures. What i liked is how Galore doesn't give in right away to Bond and instead flat out rejects him by saying "You can turn off the charm, I'm immune". Its those type of lines that made it not only a battle against Goldfinger for Bond, but a battle to get the girl as well, which was ingenious.

Speaking of the villains, these have to be the most memorable Bond villains of all time. Goldfinger is a smart man who knows exactly what he wants and most importantly he has a plan. The scene where he is torturing Bond with the laser for information is perfection and he utters the classic line "No Mr. Bond i expect you to die!". Then we have the speechless henchman Oddjob with a hat guaranteed to knock you out cold. He is quite a menace and the final showdown between them is a stunner with no music except the hum of the Fort Knox machinery.

Now the fun stuff. The Aston Martin DB5 oozes with beauty and sexiness. It is one of the most famous cars in the world for a good reason, this thing is loaded. Every time i see it, or any guy for that matter, i just whistle in amazement. It's everything a Bond car should be. The gadgets in the car along with the gadgets on Bond provided by the increasingly hilarious Q. Every movie he gets funnier and the gadgets become crazier. But of course if there's one thing we know Q never jokes about his work. The action in this movie is stunning with gigantic sets, epic explosions and fist fights galore. When the ads for Bond said bigger and better, they weren't kidding.

This Bond movie is classic on every aspect somehow outdoing From Russia With Love. I would have loved to lived in the 1960s seeing this and wondering how they managed to do it. This was the spy in the 1960s, this was what every woman wanted and what every guy wanted to be. This was James Bond. BIG Thumbs up for Goldfinger.
Goldfinger is the classic Bond film at its' best: full of witty one-liners, ridiculously evil villains, hot girls with sexually suggestive names, and (of course) lots of fights. And Sean Connery's performance carries Goldfinger all the way.
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