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Going Overboard 1989

A struggling young comedian takes a menial job on a cruise ship where he hopes for his big chance to make it in the world of cruise ship comedy...

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Um, definetly not a good movie, what it is not a good movie. Oh well.

Shecky (Sandler) is a bar/pool waiter on a cruise liner who has aspirations. His dream is to become a stand-up comedian. However, the ship already has a comedian, Dickie Diamond. Diamond is funny and the women love him. Diamond to the viewer of the film and to Shecky is a buffoon, but he has everything Shecky wants. Shecky will try to open for Shecky but to no avail. When it appears Dickie has fallen overboard it appears to be Shecky's big break, however he chokes. Shecky is left to make changes to his routine and realize his potential to take advantage of his goals.

"I can't get woman, I can't get laughs, and I'm not even a good waiter."

Valerie Breiman, director of Casual Sex, wrote and directed Going Overboard. I wonder by wrote if they mean when Adam improvised she wrote it into the script? This film had little going for it, especially in regards to its budget. There is a lack of scenery, depth, story, and plot. There are a few cool characters and cameos, but overall I am sure Breiman does not tramp around saying, "I directed Going Overboard."

"I say lick the toilet, you lick the toilet."

"I say pick the nose, you pick the nose."

I mentioned above the film has cool characters, and it does. Sandler's character, which has a Saturday Night Live feel to him, the bar tender, and the two assassins Manual Noriega sends after Ms. Australia. Also, Billy Zane, Billy Bob Thornton, and Milton Berle make guest appearances, which can only slightly add to this disaster of a movie. The film feels like a bunch of college kids getting together and trying to make a film.

"Look at Speedo bandito. What are you trying to smuggle in, a role of certs?"

Do not watch, rent, purchase, or catch this film for free on television. I do not care how big of an Adam Sandler fan you are, as I am a big fan; you will not enjoy this film. As Sandler alludes to during the opening credits, this film was made because they happened to have the resources. Not a story, not a theme, and not the money, just the resources which included cameras, boat, and models. If you want to watch a half an hour of those three items then maybe you will enjoy the film. Back to reality, no you won't, do not waste your time viewing this film.

"This is a no budget flick. Not low budget, no budget."

Grade: F
An absolutley horrendous movie. There's no good plot, humor, or acting. Mix Adam Sandler's very young, artless talents (at the time) with one of the worst actors of all time, Mr. Billy Zane, and you get a good idea what to expect. Never even actually finished it, not possible.
"I think I took a crap this morning that was more amusing that this."

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It's as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Not funny in the least. It's excrutiating to watch.

Although it attempts to be a spoof of itself and other comedies "Going Overboard" ends up being a barely watchable film that forces you to look at the clock every two minutes. Sandler isn't funny at all and the plot is cringyworthy.
Abysmal. Couldn't watch it 'til the end, that would have been a form of self-harm. Poor acting performance from Sandler in a low-budget feature that delivers zero laughs
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