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Godzilla 1998

An enormous, radioactively mutated lizard runs rampant in Manhattan...

Release Date:
May 20, 1998
139 min
Roland Emmerich
Matthew Broderick, Frank Welker, Kevin Dunn, ...
Horror, Thriller, Action, ...
USA, Japan
English, French, Russian,

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 5.3

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@SichuanPanda im with you!
I don't care what the naysayers say I've always really liked this movie.
Gonna watch this, the new one looks totally awesome.
This version was OUTSTANDING!!! Absolutely Awesome!!! Love the entire movie!!! I've been keeping up with the new trailers and cast lineup for 2014 reboot of Godzilla.... it looks Epic!!

I cannot wait for the new one!! CHEERS!!!!
awesome movie i loved every part of it . good action this is a 9/10 for me
Really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I felt really bad for Godzilla...I guess I was supposed to, though. Typical Roland Emmerich stuff...he has to destroy New York mercilessly in every movie he makes.


-some pretty good special effects
-Jean Reno is always great
-good animation of Godzilla's body
-some interesting destruction moments


-some terrible CGI moments
-I really don't like the changes to Godzilla's head and face...I prefer the older version that doesn't try to look like a suped-up veloci raptor
-the combined IQ of the people in this movie probably wouldn't match a person with downs syndrome
-constant loop holes and bad writing make me wonder what they were thinking when they cleared this script
Not quite amazing but still good. What is with Emmerich and destroying New York? the guy really has it in for that city. I like Godzilla, I think he looks cool, I don't terribly mind that they changed his look. Every human in a monster movie seems to be a total idiot, let's stare at the giant lizard while he thinks of how he's going to kill me, when I could easily run away. Anyway still good fun, some good CGI at times, something about big things destroying little things that's always fun to watch. It's obvious it's not totally based on Godzilla, just the giant lizard concept, it's still cool to have a modern Hollywood movie, with some better graphics and more money to put into the project, not that the original Godzilla movies are bad, just a good modern, western look at it. Fun movie, 7 on 10.

Today I visit one from my movie vault. Godzilla movies are one of the best worst monster movies ever made. No matter the cheap tricks and poor costuming from the old versions, this new one brings us excellant visuals, ok acting, and the basic movie plot for a Godzilla movie.

The movies Graphics were entertaining and some of the best at its release. The scenes were dark and rainy in a manhattan Island were a beast could stomp on a city other than Tokyo. So let that beautiful bean footage run and enjoy the new sceneray.

The scenes were also laid out well. You start the movie hinting and hinting towards the full picture of godzilla which leaves the first time watcher anticipating, however it does get a little tiresome, but how they did it and filmed it remains a plus.

Now that I have talked about the good points of the movie I shall diss it. The acting was like a soap opera gone wrong. Nuff said.

The story line isn't brillant, but hey its a Godzilla movie, shut up. The military blasts at it and tries the same idoit tricks like they did in old movies. No change there. The guy and the girl and a few men is of coarse that is all that stands in the way of Godzilla and a group of idoits and guns like in the old movies. However the change in the regular plot comes with a nest of little cute, viscous, and hungry godzillas. This is a nice change but it comes in too late into the movie so its like trying to spark the interest of a sloth within 3 seconds.

Even though the idoit military is well umm...stupid...they still managed to produce some nice action scenes and the tunneling of godzilla is way cool. I kind of wished they would of used this more in the movie. Plus the entire evacuatiing New York is stupid, because nothing happens with godzilla in that scene, just some dump trucks the mayor complains about. Godzilla likes food. They give him fish. However a beast that size would have devoured all large quantities of fish in the area by the time the evacuation happened and would have gone after the people on the pridge. Which would have been cool. Not once were the people actually in major danger.

Despite what probablly would of happened the movie ends up with Godzilla on a bridge after the people and fish are gone,lol. The big nest will be resolved. Things looks good. However the surprise in the end make you think sequal. Instead they make a cartoon series. It is noe 2004, the movie was made in 1998. Thats 6 years of a possibly good movie and sequal turned into a crappy cartoon for saturday mornings for like a year. The cartoon was so terrible I wished they never made it and they made a sequal so I could just skip the movie without a possiblity of accidently watching it like the cartoon.

Godzilla (1998)

Oh, I bought this DVD just because it was a big-time movie when it was released. A huge disappointment of a film but still has some entertaining bits.
It may not be "godzilla" in a traditional sense but its still a decent monster movie. I like the fact that the creature is explained insted of most of the original GODZILLA movies(excluding the very first one). The CGI was okay... for 1998.
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