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Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning 2004

Set in 19th Century Canada, Brigette and her sister Ginger take refuge in a Traders' Fort which later becomes under siege by some savage werewolves...

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I adored the first two movies in the Ginger Snaps series, but this one had nothing to do with the first two other than the sisters. It doesn't even connect to the first movie. The only scary part for me is the weird wolf kid... and the priest. If you are going to see any of the Giner Snaps films, see the first two. Avoid this one.
Breakfast at Tiffany's- I can see why this is considered a classic, I guess, but I don't think it's all that great. It was a fun time, and the two leads (Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard) were pretty amazing, but the film didn't really go anywhere. But it was fun watching them interact.
Office Space- The first time I ditched school, I do so to see this movie, and I didn't like it all. But I was in middle school, and just didn't understand it. Or the jokes I mean. I guess, because it's such an awesome film. So hilarious, and I hate that I've been telling people it sucked for so long.
Baraka- I really liked film art (Winged Migration, The Qatsi Trilogy) but they're so difficult to watch. It took me three days to watch Baraka. It seemed like such a chore, but I really wanted to watch it, and finish it. And it's such a beautiful film. And it's really cool because they just traveled around the world, photographing different aspects and people.
Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning- Started off pretty good, but ended really lamely. The worst of the Ginger Snaps films. If you haven't seen them, check out the first one, and the second one if pretty good. They're some of the best werewolf movies.
Festen (The Celebration)- My intention was to see this before going to Sundance as I was seeing the director, Thomas Vinterberg's new film Dear Wendy, but it took Netflix five days to send it for some reason, so I didn't get to see it beforehand. In a way I'm glad I didn't because this was such a great film I think I would have had too high hopes for Dear Wendy, and I'd have been let down even more than I was. Festen is a great film, about a family celebration that goes awry. Oh, and it's a Dogma film. Dogma films have been hit or miss with me, but this one was definitely a hit.
the first one is great, the second one is better and the third one(which strangely doesn't seem to have a name on rotten tomatoes kinda sucks.

Overall Ginger Snaps : The Beginning is a worthy final entry in perhaps the best set of werewolf movies ever made. No this movie is not perfect, far from it actually, but it also has some great moments that do outweigh the bad ones. This movie could have scored worse if I hadn't sought out and gotten answers from some of the questions I had from the DVDs audio commentary track. After listening I understood the approach the director took and appreciated the movie alot more.

It's 1815 and Ginger and Bridgette (yes they still have the same names, but no they are not the same people) are traveling across the Canadian wilderness by horseback. We get a great shot where they take off their hoods and first reveal their faces. They come to an abandoned Indian camp that looks like some wild animal has attacked. An old Indian woman who they find there tells them to "kill the boy, or one sister will kill the other". Of course they have no idea what this means....yet. Upon leaving the camp their horse gets spooked and runs off. They continue on foot until Bridgette gets caught in a bear trap. This is when they meet the mysterious Indian hunter who frees Bridgette and takes them to the trading outpost he "hunts" for. We see weird claw marks on the front gate as well as a substance that appears to be dried up blood. They meet several people once inside icluding the doctor, one man who appears to be a reverend, a soldier, and another older man who appears to be the "leader" and who also appears to be acting mysteriously. That night Ginger awakens and wanders to get some water. She hears some noises and finds a locked room with what looks like a little boy in the corner. When he turns around he isn't a little boy at all, but a "wolfboy" and bites Ginger in the shoulder.

From here on out we get more or less the same plot as the orginal Gingers Snaps. Two sisters who have vowed to be together forever. We also find out that Their parents did not exactly die by accident. So now we're left to ponder if they are now being punished eternally for their actions prior to arriving at this remote outpost.

Some things I had to question about the movie had to do with the time it took place in. It was obvious they were going for an epic, fairytale feel. If that was the case they didn't get the dialogue down to well. To hear Ginger utter "These people are *****ed" in 1815 was quite odd, yet in a way it worked.

I was also a little dissappointed in the story. It was more or less the same as the original, but a long time ago. One thing the director said intriuged me though. Yes this was a prequel...but maybe it was just Ginger and Bridgettes hell after the first two movies. Trapped in another time with the same curse over and over again.

Problems aside the cinematography was amazing, and althought he story was basically the same it did add more characters this time around and again kept you guessing untill pretty much the very end. It is a prequel, and we do find out why the curse keeps going until present day.

The effects also are nicely done. Not the best ever, but the werewolves looks quite good, and we get alot more of them this time around. The human element of Ginger Snaps is what makes the effects better to me though because we can sympathize with the characters as they are becoming something not human.

All in all Ginger Snaps : The Beginning is a flawed but effective third and final entry into a trilogy that will probably go down as the best series of werewolf movies made of all time.

Ginger Snaps Back:
The Beginning (2004)

it was ok noit what i thought but ok
Scarier and better-funded than the last two films and impressive for being both a unique entry in the trilogy as well as a faithful recreation of the original's spirit.
Terrible all around. I love werewolves, but this is a complete waste of times. I don't even want to bother watching the other Ginger Snaps movies.
ok, but not as good as the original. critters are hokie and the dialogue is overwrought. it didn't help either when during a scene at the main gate, shooting out toward the 'woodlands', a truck passes by in the distance.
Leach the witch

Ginger and Brigitte are sisters who became orphans in the early 1900s Canada when their boat crashes and their parents die. They wander the countryside surviving by any means necessary. One inauspicious day the sisters are attacked by wolves and rescued by an Indian. The Indian takes them to a village that is reluctant to provide aid. The city does not know that one of its inhabitants is a werewolf. When attacks begin occurring within the city, the sisters are immediately suspected. Can the girls prove their innocence and survive the attacks?

"I think we've lost our way."
"We haven't lost anything. It's lost us."

Grant Harvey, director of American Beer, Friday's Tired, Freezer Burn, Confessions of a Go-Go Girl, and Held Hostage, delivers Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning. The storyline for this picture is entertaining and well delivered. The settings and landscapes are well presented and the characters are well portrayed. The acting was better than anticipated and Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle are both splendid in their roles.

"Mercy shall be inflicted upon you."

I have thoroughly enjoyed this underrated series and believe that Perkins and Isabelle were made for these roles. They play off each other well and the script is perfect and delivered to perfection. The scenery in this film was wonderful and it was entertaining to view this consistent storyline in a new setting. While these films may never land in your top werewolf film list, they are entertaining and worthwhile.

"The curse began at the time of the ancients."

Grade: B
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